new nct requirement???

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by 5dr_gt_rep, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. 5dr_gt_rep

    5dr_gt_rep Fresh Recruit

    would like to no what ye think of the latest nct requirments
    and after june 2011 every car older then 10 years has to be tested every year in my opionion its just so the goverment can get more money
  2. TURBO2010

    TURBO2010 Paid Member

    yep that all it is MONEY!! i dont c anything wrong with the way it is now!! what other things did they bring in mate? heard the car has to b the exact same way as it came out the factory is that true!!:confused:
  3. VXR230BHP

    VXR230BHP Registered User +

    This apply to commericial too ? it amazes me that you need a DOE test to tax a van but you don't an NCT to tax a car ???????????????? goverment bunch of wankers.
  4. 5dr_gt_rep

    5dr_gt_rep Fresh Recruit

    i didnt hear dat! the windows on the front have to let 65% lite trough the exhaust cant be any louder then 99db the tyres have to have an 'e' mark on dem they wil now check the rear reverve lite and number plate lites and the airbag indicator and all warning lites are ment 2 wort some shite like that!! but ya dere was no need 2 change it!
  5. TURBO2010

    TURBO2010 Paid Member

    wankers!! but at least if we dont av to strip our motors back to standered it would save a hell of alot of hassel!!
  6. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Sounds like a UK MOT test lads?

    Nice little money spinner for the fat cats huh!
  7. 5dr_gt_rep

    5dr_gt_rep Fresh Recruit

    yap the exact same i agree with some of the things like nct/mot is a big help when buyin a car but its 50euro to test a car and it has to be perfect if they get a chance 2 fail ya dey will
  8. GT-TD04

    GT-TD04 Supermoderator

    Yup,nice time to bring it in too,when everybody who had a cheap runaround and decided to keep and sell on the expensive car are going to get hit in the wallet where as the people who can afford 01 onwards cars (most decent ones for about 4-10k) dont get affected at all.

  9. gglavin

    gglavin Paid Member

    they are putting pressure on people to take car loans out to bail the banks out of it. they consider a car over 10years old as a scrap
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  10. Sham EP82

    Sham EP82 Fresh Recruit

    Its a load of pooo!!!!

    I dont mind the exhaust and tints thing, you can work around that, but the yearly test is ridiculous!! more money and more proof the government cant think for themselves :slap:
  11. Johnny_C

    Johnny_C Paid Member

    its the other way round,any car younger than 10 years is scrap!:haha:
  12. gglavin

    gglavin Paid Member

    too true Johnny , ha ha. cunts
  13. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    with the massive amounts of money the government steal from Irish citizens who buy a new car under the cloak of "vehicle registration tax" they have seen a sharp decrease recently in revenue from this illegal tax. I say illegal because it is totally contrary to the free market system of the EU.

    By bringing in this once a year NCT they are trying to make it more difficult to hang on to your car and making it less hassle to just go out and buy a new car thus pumping huge amounts of money in to their coffers.

    It is another disgusting revenue making tactic by our government which they can dress up as a safety and environmental cause but in reality they care nothing about motorists safety or the environment. If they did they would fix the roads and provide more public transport.

    Sick disgusting pieces of dirt = Irish government.
  14. 5dr_gt_rep

    5dr_gt_rep Fresh Recruit

    well said
  15. bucketep91

    bucketep91 Registered User +

    dylan you love to have a good ran dont you lol.
  16. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    yes.... yes I do :D
  17. Gryzor

    Gryzor Administrator

    its worth noting there is no NCT for motorbikes :confused:

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