New---WEPR 350whp "Godzilla" updated !!!!!!

Discussion in 'New Parts' started by wickedep, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. wickedep

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    all right lads,
    as some of you may know we've been working on a replacement for our GT28R kit for a while now. we would love to announce the release of our new wickedEP Racing Godzilla kit. the kit will flow enough to give you 350whp on a fully built 4E and roughly 375whp on a full built 5E set up. the kit includes...

    *321 equal length manifold
    *Tial 38mm external wastegate
    *Screamer pipe for external wastegate
    *WEPR complete custom garrett hybrid ball-bearing turbo with anti surge compressor housing and custom bearing cartridge good for turbo's max efficient boost of 2.5bar boost
    *Downpipe with two lambda bungs
    *Universal turbo to fmic pipe with silicone 3ply hoses/ stainless high torque clips
    *All oil feed/return and water feed lines
    *All nuts/bolts/gaskets needed for installation

    KIT PRICE--$3300USD shipped (2290GBP)

    As mentioned above..the kit fits with stock single core radiator (depending on turbine housing option) and does not require the removal of the a/c compressor thus allowing the user to retain air-conditioning. our Godzilla kit was developed with the serious drag racer in mind. hence, to get the maximum potential out of this kit you would require a fully built engine(including all appropriate head/cam work) complete with programmable Efi.

    On our test car, completely standard 4e motor with just fmic and full exhaust, this set up made 1.0bar@4900rpm on 3rd gear. with the right head/cams/ can drop this figure down by atleast 200-300rpm. As-is ,our set up is faster spooling than the garrett gt2876r..but capable of much more power.

    Higher power figures are more than possible..just depends on how aggressive you go with your cylinder head work and tuning.















    here is our turbo next to the garrett GT2876R



    ***Please note a mild steel manifold version was used for the pics of the kit fitted. a stainless 321 grade manifold is offered with the kit.

    You are getting nothing but the best with this kit lads. every little thing has been put together with the best possible components. a lot of work has gone into every aspect of this turbo kit to say the least. the kit has not been dyno'd yet lads. but with the information i have provided you with..its pretty plain to see what the whole kit is capable of. i hope to have some results for you lads soon when i can though. if there's any other questions you would like answered...just post em' up. many thanks...

    wickedEP Racing
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  2. Johnny_C

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    oh good god,that is the sex!!!!!:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p:p
  3. lingl9z

    lingl9z Paid Member

    Congrats Looks like a nice bit of kit mate!
  4. jayc-glanza17

    jayc-glanza17 Paid Member

    looks fantastic sasha.
  5. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    i cant even get any comment together lol

    ive started to type a reply three or four times already, before giving up and scrolling back up for another stare at the pics!

    just WOW
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  6. Spoonz

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    OMFG that is awsome may go for another set up :rockon:
  7. Rory

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    That looks the nuts.

    Excellent stuff Sacha.

  8. Adam_Glanza

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    lol wow good work again sacha,

    there are some real monster kits being put on the market for the ep lately!
  9. Iain@CRD

    Iain@CRD Paid Member

    OMG the man does it again!!!

    Top work Sacha!!

  10. zee20

    zee20 Paid Member

    cant wait to see this running in a ep :) will be awesome
  11. mcleod

    mcleod Paid Member

    this looks awesome and extremely well priced i think. that turbo should have a pic with a small child in it not a massive lighter which you have found :)
  12. glanza_dan

    glanza_dan Paid Member

    Well done mate looks very nice good price !!
  13. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    That looks like a serious setup.

    Very well priced for what you get!
  14. y3Lo

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    looks like a serious piece of kit! this will rival dane :p
  15. speedvision

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    excellent bit of kit their sacha..congrats and well done...

  16. turbojim

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    turbo kit

    that is just sex sacha fair play i want one
  17. ChrisW

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    Jesus!!! You could fit a whole CT9 into that intake lol!

    How the hell would you put the power down with power like that?!?! :homer:
  18. Petrolhead

    Petrolhead Registered User +

    looks very nice sasha, would like to see a dyno graph as a lot of ppl i gues.

    I'm still looking for a turbo set-up at the moment and i got plenty of choise, but spool up time is nice to know also when choosing between the options :)
  19. Gryzor

    Gryzor Administrator

    holy mother ^*&^*%^&
    that looks like a Hadron Collider....
    switch it on and bye bye earth
  20. Super Mod (極度の調整器)


    Well done mate, looks like an awesome bit of kit!!
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