No spark, need a second opinion

Discussion in 'ELECTRICAL' started by StarletLad, May 2, 2019.

  1. StarletLad

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    Hey lads, as above ive no spark, my car is an ep82 with a 5efhe conversion, now this is my current build and far from finished, long story short, ive checked everything, fuses relays, ignitor coil, you name it, ignitor and coil are grounded to the firewall also, the issue i have is that when cranking im getting 0 volts from the distributor crank angle sensor (G-) would i be right in saying that my distributor is whacked? Also 0 volts from Ne G1 G2, ignitor and coil have 12 volts with ignition on, just no 5v signal from ecu to switch the igniter and fire the coils, will i replace the distributor or is there something else that could cause this?
  2. dac69er

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    has it ever worked with this configuration?
    do you get a spark if you manually trigger the spark firing?
    have you done any modifications wiring wise?

    the distributors are usually pretty robust and rarely fail i would say its most likely a wiring issue, but thats not to say its not the distributor.
  3. SKINY

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    Randomly and happened to me before, exactly the same symptoms car was running 100% then died, checked all values off dizzy, coil, ignitor and where all within tolerance by the manual. Baffled me for a while, even swapped dizzy, coil, ignitor even tho they where working, turned out the timing belt had snapped and was only picked up on when I pulled the cam cover off and cranked it, no dizzy no turn no signal to anything, new belt and sorted.
    Long shot but remember it's an old turbo Toyota looool
  4. Shady

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    Check your fuses and relays. Main relay, etc.

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