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Discussion in 'Wanted section' started by Djaniero, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    As above guys, I need a passenger side front wishbone, for my GT. From what I can gather I can use a Glanza one also, but I will need the rear mounting bracket with it.

    Must be in good condition and willing to ship to mainland UK.

  2. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Probably best to stick with a GT one, or both Glanza ones. THe bushes are different sizes and would just be a bit of a pain to have an odd pair.
  3. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    If you do get a Glanza one they are identical aside from the mounting bushes which would need to be changed for the GT one.

    When I replaced mine with brand new I bought EP91 ones and bought EP82 bushes to fit on.
  4. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    Theres a glanza arn on Ebay at the moment, so if i bought that I could just fit ep82 bushes onto it?
    If not how big of a job would it be to change the actual bushes on my current one?My mot tester said to just replace the whole arm, as the bushes can be a nightmare to replace?
  5. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    have you asked Jay yet ? I've heard many tales of the bolts snapping when removing the arms. I've a set of rear arm bushes sat here bought a long time ago coz I'm scared lmao :D
  6. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Replacing the bushes is a doddle.

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  7. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    LOL, man knowing my luck, that would definitely happen to me. All my local garages are dodgy as, so I would rather try and do the work myself. I drop Jay a PM.

    You always seem to make stuff look so easy Cal. Loving the Bling!

    Any tips on how to remove it without snapping the bolts? Also how did you remove the old bushes and did the new ones need pressing in?
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  8. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    No the new ones don't need pressing in. They just slide on or into.

    I used a drill to remove the old bushes.

    Not sure what people are referring to with regards to bolts.

    Just used an 8mm drill bit to remove the old insert rubber. Then a hack saw and wire wheel to remove the outer one.

    Didn't take too long. I then used PVC Grommets to refurb the lower arms, SuperPro bushes and shot blasted and powdercoated the arms. They look pucker when it goes in for its MOT.
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  9. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    Think I'll just get on the case and have a go mate.
  10. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Theres a difference between the ep82 and the ep91 arms, they should be matched on both sides to ensure alignment isnt an issue afterwards.

    As Callum says replacing the bushes is fairly straightforward if you get stuck.

    The bolt problem is the front bolt (the big one). We've seen the capture nut inside the floor break free when untightening. Bit of a pain to get sorted if this happens. Just be careful when removing the bolt is the best advice.
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  11. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    Managed to remove it today lads. Thanks for the tip. Luckilly, it seems as though it has been off previously, so a bit of wd40 soon got the bolts moving. By the look og things one of the previous owners bodged the bush with some form of filler.
    I'll try my best to attack the bushes to try and remove them.
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  12. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    Just a thought Jay, if you cant find the arm, where can I buy oem bushes instead of polybushes? I'm guessing dealership only?
  13. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    I had a similar isse with mine only it came to re-fitting. Just make sure you don't cross thread it when it goes back in. I did mine and it snapped the captive nut off.

    Had to take it for a local place I know to cut the floor, put a new nut on and re-seal the floor. Just make sure its threaded in right when it all goes back together :)
  14. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    The outer bush cannot be replaced for OEM. It's molded to the arm.

    I'd suspect that that's the case for the inner one as well IIRC.

    It's either new arms or polybushes.

    To be quite honest, they're not engine mounts, it won't be that bad.
  15. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    There are some OEM spec bushes for on eBay I've found having a look. Both the inner and through bolt bush which look like EP82 fitment.

  16. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    what diameter are the ep82 ones ?
  17. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    I must be getting old. I had poly engine mounts fitted to my car after the recent engine rebuild, and the vibes are mega noticeable compare to stock. Its bearable but at the s
    I saw those. Will they definitely fit a GT? Are these the correct rears?

    Would like to know this too
  18. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    Having a look at the list on those OEM spec bushes they do list the P8 series as compaitable but looking its the non turbo 1.3 models lsted which I would assume use the same wishbone setup as the turbo EP82 models. Not had a non turbo EP82 to have a comparew with though.

    They dont have any size measurements on them either. I've got a drivers side one with the original bushes still on.

    This one however does list the EP82 turbo model as compaitable and looks identical to the one on my old arm:

  19. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    No, poly engine mounts are pretty savage to be fair. Fine if you got some Drum & Bass on like, just makes your sound system sound a lot better.
  20. Djaniero

    Djaniero Registered User +

    3 bushes down, 1 more to go! Ran into a bit of a problem though. I removed the crush tube when removing the original rear bushes.
    However when I came to fit the new rear poly bushes, there is now excessive play as the polybush hole is much bigger than the control arm insert... with the crush tube has been removed. Is that normal?

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