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Discussion in 'Wanted section' started by Brendanlez, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    Looking for Part numbers for the 98 tail lights with clusters and 98 spot lights cheers
  2. Texx

    Texx Administrator

    81550-10360 - RH Rear Lamp Assembly
    81560-10340 - LH Rear Lamp Assembly

    81210-13040 - RH Fog Lamp Assembly
    81220-13040 - LH Fog Lamp Assembly
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  3. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    Are these for the 98 onwards facelift Glanza?

    Have some rep either way
  4. Texx

    Texx Administrator

    They are relevant for the 12/1997 > 07/1999 EP91 Glanza S and Glanza V.
  5. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    Legend lad, rep already added.

    How do you know all this stuff, everytime a post comes up for info you have a reply

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