Poly engine mount modifications

Discussion in 'CHASSIS' started by dac69er, Jul 14, 2019.

  1. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    I removed my poly mounts a few years back as I couldnt stand the vibrations from them.

    I had the idea to add additional holes to reduce vibration and make them as close to oem feel as possible due to it being hard to find replacement oem mounts anymore.

    I contacted powerflex about doing this and they saw no issue with it as long as I didn't remove so much material that could cause it to fail.

    I had a go today on just 1 mount to begin with. As you can see, it's a little rough, but at the moment it is a proof of concept to see if it works.
    I tried to keep the the voids in the mount as similar to stock position as I could.

    First test seems promising. No extra vibration and felt the same as my sikaflex filled oem mount.
    I have only done the drivers side mount so far as if it all went wrong I would only need to replace 1 mount insert rather than 3.

    I will leave it on the car for a while and see how it is longer term. I will then replace the other mounts 1 by 1 and hopefully have a full set of oem feel poly mounts.

    I will keep everyone posted..............

  2. SKINY

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    It certainly looks like it will flex a bit more bud :) I've a full set the same here but only this one fitted, difference was night and day.
    My Rep was fully bushed front to back and sounded like a skeleton wanking off in a biscuit tin when it wasn't moving :rolleyes:
  3. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    It was pretty awful fully bushed. Hopefully this will be an improvement. My bodged up stock mounts are getting pretty tired.

    Oddly enough though, my ep85 doesn't vibrate at all with the poly mounts !?
  4. gorganl2000

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    i like the thought behind this dac69er...it would really give us some more options and the best of both worlds may be
  5. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

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  6. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator


    Fitted a modified poly front gearbox mount and it still feels stock like. No additional vibration yet!

    Will leave this one in a few weeks and if all good I will tackle the rear mount.
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  7. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    Good info this, wonder how the bush will cope with the material missing from inside, any additional wear.

    I have 2/3rds ploybushed on my blue EP, only the gearbox front mount to change as that is on a very worn out stock one at the moment. I replaced the rear when I did the clutch but not had it out for a really long run to see how much tougher it is.
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  8. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    It shouldn't be any worse that rubber, but time will tell.
    At least they are easy to replace if they do fail.
  9. Calum122

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  10. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

  11. Calum122

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    I didn't think that was too bad to be fair.

    Considering you're getting the whole aluminium body to go with it.
  12. Jay

    Jay Admin

    My only criticism is you didn't take the opportunity and make it look like a smilie face

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  13. SKINY

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    Lmfao Jay, yea 50£ lol But it will probably outlast the car :)
  14. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    This is true, but when you factor in the other 2 mounts, your talking £150+ for rubber mounts. The poly ones "should" last longer than rubber ones.

    Depends what you want and the effort you want to put in.

    You don't have to go as mad as I have, you could just drill a few additional holes and they will be more solid than stock but not quite as harsh.
  15. dac69er

    dac69er Super Moderator

    fitted the final mount yesterday (rear gearbox).

    with this mount there seemed to be a very slight increase in cabin vibration, however, i didnt remove quite as much material on this mount compared to the others.
    if i had done the same as the others i would say therte would be no noticeable difference, but that it obviously hard to say without actually trying it!

    overall, it has made a huge difference to the vibration that you would normally get from these mounts. only time will tell whether they last any length of time like this, but powerflex seemed confident that they should be fine.

    if you just wanted to take the edge of the harshness i think you could get away withy simply drilling some additional holes through the mount. it just depends how much vibration you can put up with.......
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