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Discussion in 'Modification/ Technical Questions' started by Djaniero, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. Djaniero

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    As above lads. Does anyone know where I can get some recaro seat covers from, for some oem recaro seats?
    I'm getting the seats fitted next week, but I haven't had time to have the rips reapired yet. So I just thought to have them fitted in the meantime and put some seat covers over them to stop the seat rips getting any worse.
  2. Jay

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  3. SKINY

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    I have a pair for the Truck that didn't make it into it lying in the GT ;) heavy duty jobbies made by HDD.
    Are you looking for Recaro specific covers bud ? Plenty of options about for all sorts of seats on the Bay Off Flea too

    FS Jay, I could be doing with Recaro covers now for the Dina :rolleyes::D
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  4. TylerGlanza

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    Would also recommend capital seating, before getting mine i found generic ones didn't fit over the bolsters. Theyve also been helpful in the past when I've made enquires about certain measurements and details. Had my covers about 3 years now and they're all good still.
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  5. Djaniero

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    Thanks lads.
    Do Capital seating have a specific for for those particular seats?.....just having a look on their site now.
  6. Djaniero

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    Mainly just to protect the seats over winter....I long and hard enough for a once the rips have been repaired just wanted to make sure I kept them looking fresh:cool:
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