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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by wickedep, May 30, 2008.

  1. dre_gt

    dre_gt Registered User +

    FMIC piping kit

    i bought 2 FMIC piping kits and never used any of them, i sold them to other guys who wanted them more than i did.

    for one Sacha's job on the products were mint, looked very nice, service and shipping was great would recommend his products to any one any time.

    the guys i sold the products to love them to the bone, performance wise they say the turbos boost wicked.....:haha:

  2. Elaine

    Elaine Paid Member

    I thought this the other day that your rep was very low….

    I have (yet) to buy anything from you but I have added rep based n the fact I have never herd any bad things about what you do and when I asked a few well known members for feed back on your it was all good

    Look forward to dealing with you in the coming months
  3. Sagittarius

    Sagittarius Registered User +

    I have purchased some exhausts, downpipes and a manifold in the past... I'll rep u up too lol
  4. Rory

    Rory Paid Member

    Ive been using WEPR scince i started "playing" with the car, and im no mind to change now.
  5. dantheman

    dantheman Paid Member

    recieved my gt28 mani and downpipe today sacha, thank you very much :) very impressed with the job you've done mate ;) a pleasure doing business with you buddy :kiss: (will leave you some rep for sure)

  6. gglavin

    gglavin Paid Member

    received my turbo kit the other day, amazing quality & highly recommended
  7. gt 4efte

    gt 4efte Paid Member

    Received the Wepr Fmic kit today,
    Its great, thanks Sacha!
  8. Marty!

    Marty! Registered User +

    Got my Ct9 power up kit with fmic....
    Get Quailty And speedy delivery
    Recommended seller and great guy to deal with

    Hey sasha you av pm about reciept pal
  9. GTnomez

    GTnomez Paid Member

    Loved the quality of the mani!

  10. glanza4ever

    glanza4ever Registered User +

    last week i had my ct9 mani from wepr and i want to say that is by far the best buy (and item) i have ever had...
    so wepr is a 5+* seller and manufacturer!!!
    keep up the good work lads.
  11. NosydneW

    NosydneW Paid Member

    Just received,..My special ordered TOPMOUNT MANIFOLD/DOWNPIPE GODZILLA setup.

    This was made on special request by me and took a few months to fabracate but results speaks for them self !!

    ONCE AGAIN WEPR RULES 5+ seller !!
  12. Crudd

    Crudd Fresh Recruit

    Recieved my wepr turbo back exhaust system the other day, it looks amazing and the build quality is unbeatable, wepr 5+ seller
  13. rosso321

    rosso321 Registered User +

    Great mani and decat for my tiny ct9 can't what see the new figures. Great work lads thanks again sacha.
  14. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    glad you are happy mate. good luck with your project.
  15. yaristurbo

    yaristurbo Registered User +

    Emailed you sacha
  16. rosso321

    rosso321 Registered User +

    Thanks again can't wait to get it on.

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