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    i posted this in another tread below, but its not really related to that topic, so i will put it up separately for those who appreciate this kind of thing. For me its really just a pretty simple car in the scheme of things we've seen over the years in the starlet community. Still its all about sharing our experiences.

    Now, regardless of how simple or extensive we mods our cars, we usually don't do it by ourselves---we rely upon the knowledge and services of others...big thanks to Collin (my mechanic since day one), hardcoreep (Rory who also wrote the article), newguye, Jason (tuner), dreGT, Jay, Chris, Azerty, Hybrid, Weejohn, Ted, WEPR/sacha, Speedvision/sam, MeisterR/Jerrick, Morgey, Russ78, Artmull, Phil, Fur, Bajanplaidman, RJ Tuning, Ramses, TTGT, UKSO, Ausstarlet, wheelsjamaica, zhaust and many many more who would have contributed to get me to this point.

    PS - An important lesson I've learnt over the years, especially with a stock engine, is to always do things properly the first generally saves you headaches in the future.

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    love it!
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    Super stuff pal

    Still Enjoy my wee whatsapp updates but now TGTT is revamped I’ll Be checking in here too

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    thanks Phil and gv1.3
    now seeing the revamped site for the first time....must do some exploring

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