Something different. A tale about a car lost and forgotten

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by rage, Dec 24, 2013.

  1. rage

    rage Paid Member

    and we have a "small" update :D

    she's ALIVE!
    ran for the first time yesterday.

    note that the carbs still need adjusting, we had only half of the exhaust fitted and after 3 minutes we managed to find the correct setting on the choke.
    took a while for the fuel to get from the tank to the carbs :)

    so lots of things that still need attention but we are happy as f00k that she ran!

  2. EP91_Chris

    EP91_Chris Paid Member

    Brilliant, well done!
  3. ALL Boost

    ALL Boost Fresh Recruit

    wow !! nice job
  4. toyonut

    toyonut Fresh Recruit

  5. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    soon she will be smoking up the road :)
  6. Nippon

    Nippon Paid Member

    Great read and a fantastic amount of work!
    Amazing what can be don with a bit of time, love and a LOT of effort.

    Well done man.

    Matt D
  7. toyonut

    toyonut Fresh Recruit

  8. hookie663

    hookie663 Registered User +

    I just keep cuming bk to this unreal work
  9. rage

    rage Paid Member

    thx hookie :)

    she's almost ready for MOT
  10. hookie663

    hookie663 Registered User +

    I'm sure u will be glad mate lol
  11. Jay

    Jay Admin


    Seeing it move for the first made me smile for sure.
  12. Cormach

    Cormach Registered User +

  13. rage

    rage Paid Member

    and at last! she moved out of the garage under her own power for the first time.
    made a short testdrive around the block and she's running well :) very easy car to drive

  14. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    super fantastic :)
  15. gaetano_onsov

    gaetano_onsov Paid Member

    Some amazing skills getting put into action here.
  16. rage

    rage Paid Member

    and finally she has MOT and is now roadlegal! hurray!

    still lots of things to do on the car and JW is allready pondering what to mod on the car :) such as a 2t turbo engine :) since there is about 1,5 spare engine left
  17. rage

    rage Paid Member

    she's had her first oil change.
    still had a few glitches to solve such as a clogged fuelpump and other small things but besides that she's a hoot to drive!
    not all that fast but just the fact that you are really man handeling a car instead of electronics etc. is just a great feeling. just standing still in front of a traffic light... engine growling... gear lever shaking on the idle movements of the engine.

    modern cars are suddenly sooooo boring :)
  18. 5e colin

    5e colin Registered User +

    that turbo idea is the only way :)
  19. darraghmh91

    darraghmh91 Registered User +

    Top work there man fair play .. Good too see a car that was due to be scrapped and then saved .. Couldnt of done it to a better car its super rare it would of beena shame to scrap it
  20. rage

    rage Paid Member

    the previous owner coulden;t believe JW managed to save the car :)

    Currently JW is pollishing the panels 1 by 1, load of work but she shines like an oiled butt it the moonlight :D








    the spark plugs show a nice color, running well :)

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