Steering column wires

Discussion in 'The Muppet Show' started by lordango, Jan 8, 2011.

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  1. lordango

    lordango Fresh Recruit


    Can anyone mark the wires on this harness/plug?

    I kinda need the information for my next DIY [Destroy It Yourself] documentation

    This is the one going down from the steering column.

    I'm really interested in pin-pointing the IG2 and IG2[If ep82 has one]

    I have a feeling few people out there would also like to know these information.

    Here's the picture to mark:


  2. chrisinflight

    chrisinflight Fresh Recruit

    Hi, Welcome, I dont think it`s a good idea to post ignition wiring details on the internet. Basically showing somebody which wires to join together to start engine if you have lost your key or are stealing a car.
    I`m busy fitting my own alarm/immobiliser and I can tell you it`s not too hard to figure out which wires are which if you have a multi-meter and an ignition key!
  3. Franza1

    Franza1 Supermoderator & Area Reps Manager

    This information would not be best to have as public knowledge.
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