Street racing piece on Sky news active now

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by Corey_gt, May 31, 2010.

  1. 5dr_gt_rep

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    thats exactly like fast and furious:haha: but that sorta stuff happens in every town in ireland and england not on that scale dere takin it 2 a whole new exterme and i dont like the way sky news is boardcastin that sorta stuff its tarin everyone wit the one brush
  2. JasonGlanza

    JasonGlanza Paid Member

    this is another example for why one must not say such things on here, police could easily track such things
  3. durmz

    durmz Paid Member

    And say what. 'Don't talk about stuff on the news or we'll think ure out doing it aswell!'
  4. sanchez

    sanchez Paid Member

    Lol street racing happens everywhere all around the world, the police arnt stupid they know it happens
  5. JasonGlanza

    JasonGlanza Paid Member

    seems like no one is understanding my point! sry guys for interrupting this thread then, hope the admins take a notice soon on this though
  6. durmz

    durmz Paid Member

    i think we understand ure point, the problem is the point is unnecassary. this is different to posting up a video of ure barry corsa doing 110 (if possible) on the m25. its just bringing something up thats on sky news. next theyl be arresting the boss of sky for allowing such bad stuff on the news
  7. jamesbaa

    jamesbaa Paid Member

    get your head out of your arse mate! its the bloody new's! are you sugesting that people dont post up and inform people about current news story's!:homer::homer:
  8. JasonGlanza

    JasonGlanza Paid Member

  9. durmz

    durmz Paid Member

    im not really sure what ure cracking on about jason? :confused:
  10. JasonGlanza

    JasonGlanza Paid Member

    nothing mate :p the only thing i was trying to say is that these things must be banned from the streets, plain and simple nothing less or more!
  11. corofin12345

    corofin12345 Paid Member

    oh will someone just lock up or delete this thread... i totally understand where jason is coming from but at the end of the day who gives a toss... jason it would be a different story if coreygt posted up a direct link 2 some idiots street racing.. what differs here is that it was on the news and coerygt was tring to put a point across how countries differ with their rules.... its in no way promoting street races but maybe the total oppisite... if my countries rules and policing were as easy goin as they are over there ive no doubt the deaths on the road would be far greater....
  12. JasonGlanza

    JasonGlanza Paid Member

  13. HYBRID

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    And thats why the european Quarter mile's should open every week @ cheap prices.... like in malta lol .. the only way to end a story like this is for russian authorities to do something about it.. ie give these racers a safe palce to race @ prices they can afford.. that is the ONLY way to solve it imo..

  14. sx_turbo

    sx_turbo Paid Member

    wow, the car scene in rusia looks pretty awsome,

    i'm probably a bit stereo typical of russia when i say this, but i still think of russia and everyone bombing around in lada's and everyone living in big tower blocks that are almost falling down.
  15. corofin12345

    corofin12345 Paid Member

    imo.. yes.. :haha:... i always think that 2...

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