Sussex Starlets?

Discussion in 'South East' started by Brainaudio, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. Brainaudio

    Brainaudio Fresh Recruit

    Was wondering if theres any Starlet Owners in The South Coast? Just got my starlet and i wanna find a GT Friendddddd :haha:
  2. bongskag

    bongskag Registered User +

    lol , I spotted the in-betweeners quote there, im from S/E Kent , Dover / f-town area , theres plenty about, just sit down the local maccy D's on a Friday / Saturday night . Im sure you will see one soon enough. just say " Hi! " most people are willing to say hello :haha: after all its a fun car to own ,
  3. Brainaudio

    Brainaudio Fresh Recruit

    Go and watch the 2nd one if you already haven't done so. took the missus the other day its outrageously funny. all the Mc d's round here are full of fiat cuntos and 1.4 civics no big boy brake figures round this neck of the woods lol

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