**TDO4L Downpipe** Clear Out Sale

Discussion in 'Speedvision Performance Store - Suspended' started by speedvision, May 2, 2010.

  1. speedvision

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    Hey guys i need to get rid of the few tdo4l downpipes i have to make room for some other parts...

    All the manifolds have been sold so please do not enquire if they are any in stock....

    So downpipes are currently 180 usds...any Gt Member that wants one will get it for 150 usds plus shipping which is around 44 usds to most places in the world.

    some info on it..its 2.5 inches in diameter..made of 3mm thick mild steel..weighs 7 lbs....the flanges were casted and not welded so it has improved strength as opposed to the ones welded..comes with bung for o2 sensor..here a pic for those who are interested....if u buy one remind me and i will throw in a downpipe gasket for you..


    150 usds plus shipping

  2. clarkytrd

    clarkytrd Paid Member

    Hey Sam,

    Any idea on a price including delivery to the republic of ireland?!

    thanks alot
  3. whiteglanzav

    whiteglanzav Paid Member

    i have 1 of these - top piece of kit
  4. clarkytrd

    clarkytrd Paid Member

    I just bought one!!
  5. churcherj

    churcherj Paid Member

    x2, my td04 kit arrived today, its a top quality product!

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