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Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by Franza1, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. ax1237

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    the 1 in surrey is good. m8 got his celica upgraded from 350bhp to 480. but money is a bitch!
  2. jayc-glanza17

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    Name of Rolling Road : Atspeed racing

    Location : Rayleigh, essex, england

    Marks out of ten (over all rating) : 9

    Would you use them again: yes without question

    fantastic service, yes i know the tuner from school, but take that out the equation.

    They were great, sent car once forged lump run in to be mapped on my EMU, and had other niggles tidied up and sorted at no extra cost, like leaky intercooler, had new pipes made up.
    was able to text and ring for progress and was all calm and polite and talked through everything i wanted so we both were on same wavelength.
    its safe yes, but not as safe as most poeple maps and got shed loads of power for 17.9 psi on a td04.

    after care. this was geat had a warm start issue, took it to them to show them after advice from this site changed it and fine since, also had it put on dno for another run free of charge to check if this hadnt upset map.
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    Name of Rolling Road : Fusion Motorsport
    Location : Surrey
    Marks out of ten (over all rating) : 9
    would you use them again: YES

    very good mapper

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