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Discussion in 'Jay's Garage' started by Jay, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Just for a bit of fun more than anything..

    Kicked this off today and it's open to anyone with a TGTT username.

    Three laps of Tsukuba in a stock Glanza and the best lap counts.


    Looking forward to a few fast times lads.

  2. popsy09

    popsy09 Munster Area Rep.

    great idea i think i might rent the game just for this lol
  3. steo800

    steo800 Paid Member

    only 3 laps and thats it? awwww
  4. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Practice all you want and bring it. It's setup in the garage so handy for all visitors. My money is on Jimmer seeing as YBY is out of the country lol. :haha:
  5. Good idea haha!

    Will have a go at this next time I'm up:p
  6. steo800

    steo800 Paid Member

    you doing it in arcade or gt mode?

    will a few laps in a bit, give yas someting to chase :p
  7. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Gotta do it here buddy, otherwise it doesn't go on the board. :)
  8. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    LOL, knew this would come up here so I have been diging around for the PS2 and the game, cant find it!!!:shoot:

    We let Jay take the lead to get this rolling, will take my finger off the handbrake button next time lol.
  9. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    Would a screenshot of the tv be proof of the time? not so much screenshot, but picture of the tv with the fatest time.

    Could be a good idea for a more general TGGT time attack challenge.
  10. Boab

    Boab Registered User +

    awesome idea jay! must see if I can hoke out my old ps2...
  11. Starletto_Joz

    Starletto_Joz Registered User +

    I'll do another 3 laps once I get that manual fte gearbox rebuilt lads, synchros well let me down :p Damn used cars lol...

    The Glanza to be used has to be bog standard lads for now but you may select *cough auto* or manual :eek:

    I will be practicing now, looking forward to the next run so I can improve that shit time lol :rockon:

    Last edited: Mar 22, 2010
  12. Galen

    Galen Paid Member

    just set up the PS2! Already got a 1.13.180 lap.

    Il have to buy something off Jay to get up there and have a go :haha:
  13. steo800

    steo800 Paid Member

    done 8 laps the other night and came out with a 1.11.946 in arcade mode without touching settings, but turning off all the driving aids

    its a pile of shite to drive!

    i was in a black one as they're known to be quicker
  14. weeJohn

    weeJohn Paid Member

    Needs to be done at the garage lads to count, sorry.

    Just think its an awesome idea to come to a meet, pick up some cheap secondhand parts and get your name on the leaderboard lol.

    Its not that he does not trust you not to modify it and then get a time or anything lol.
  15. Gryzor

    Gryzor Administrator

    I'll have to dust off the ps2 and build up some thumb blisters.
  16. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Yup, just drop in and see me folks.

    Will update the board after the weekend. :cool:
  17. Jay

    Jay Admin

    We have a new header and a new footer for this. Will update after the Easter weekend! :cool:
  18. Jay

    Jay Admin


    Congrats to the new leader!
  19. Jay

    Jay Admin


    Cuffy's hanging in there..

  20. joel_ep91

    joel_ep91 Registered User +

    in my defense like i said on sunday alan had ruined the gearbox, and the big end was hanging out of it lol my thumbs were cold aswell:p

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