TheStarletGT's power and racing history specification

Discussion in 'The Muppet Show' started by TheStarletGT, Dec 19, 2010.

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  1. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    some respectable times on the 1/4 mile
    the car looks nice on the track

    who was the last owner? this car on austarletclub??

    HYBRID Super Moderator <a href="http://www.toyotagtturbo.

    well the only thing i can say about "TheStarletGT" is that he is the ONLY person who has ever given me negative reputaion on this forum... till this day i keep on reading & re-reading what i wrote in the particcular thread, and i still cant fucking figure out why he gave me negative rep... :rolleyes::confused: .. ahh well lol :haha:

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  3. Sheldon

    Sheldon Malta Area Rep.

    cos all of your negative comments and you dont actually help people! you think you know it all!! il give you neg rep too!!!

    lmao. happy xmas
  4. RS-Ronan

    RS-Ronan Paid Member

    negative rep counter acted!!haha... =)
  5. richglanzav

    richglanzav Paid Member

    aint KON got the most rep power on the forum? lol

    i wouldnt like to be in the shoes of someone whose given kon bad rep!
  6. George611

    George611 Paid Member

    Lol blow your own horn abit there mate, wouldnt go as far as "animal" its quick no doubt but 300bhp+ yeh id say its an animal.
  7. TheStarletGT

    TheStarletGT Registered User +

    Can someone explain to me why a modified boosted Celica GT4 could not beat me in a street race, im the king of the fuckin world now.

    It was a toyota celica turbo, GT4 body shape etc, ST185 or 205, i have no idea which one, but let me tell you that it could not pass my monster Starlet GT untill i backed off and turned into a street. I have finally experienced a good street boost race, it was a very exciting feeling. Im like, fark, my GT would whoop that ass anyday. And i only got a 1.3, and that car is a 2.0.

    The celica was a gret turbo slingshot aswell, it could not overtake me. Only when i backed off and he then suddenly drove into my lane infront as he passed me, alsmost like side swiping me just to say he won, won my ass.
  8. Sheldon

    Sheldon Malta Area Rep.

    you dont know exactly what was the car model and yet you know it was a modified boosted one? yep your the king mate.. we all know of what :)) lol i like your posts
  9. malcolmgt

    malcolmgt Paid Member

    street racing is not tolerated on this forum
    being a muppet is not tolerated on this forum
    giving information couldnt be far from the truth is not tolerated on this forum.

    go else where.
  10. TheStarletGT

    TheStarletGT Registered User +

  11. scot-ish

    scot-ish Paid Member

    i wish he had of swiped you ya cockmuncher
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  12. wesgt

    wesgt Paid Member

    don't know whats more annoying, that this lad is such a dickhead or that he totally ignores all of our replies?!
  13. J25GTi

    J25GTi Paid Member


  14. George611

    George611 Paid Member

    Haha this is comical... Are yu sure you aint on a wind up lol... I think hes getting abit pissed off cos weve kicked there arses in the cricket ;) lol
  15. Sheldon

    Sheldon Malta Area Rep.

    is this you starletgt?

  16. HYBRID

    HYBRID Super Moderator <a href="http://www.toyotagtturbo.

    ok lads... u knew this was coming lol..

    off to muppet land.

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