Ticking from engine somewhere only at 1500rpm??

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by wolfman43, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. wolfman43

    wolfman43 Registered User +

    Hello I have a Glanza but noticed today that it has Ticking from engine somewhere only at 1500rpm??

    If you go to 2000rpm it goes away and sitting at idle it's not there only 1500rpm!!

    Can only hear it when in car sitting still!!

    Have no idea wot it could be as don't sound like a hydro tappet..

    Hope for someone to shed some light for me.

    Thanks Steve
  2. markostarletturbo

    markostarletturbo Paid Member

    sure its no noisy injectors mate? there known for it
  3. F4kus

    F4kus Paid Member

    My car used to do this...Removed the sump and 3 of the big end bearings had gone....
  4. wolfman43

    wolfman43 Registered User +


    Hello do you think that would be the case that it's the bearings???

    As it don't do it on revs??

  5. Gary91

    Gary91 Paid Member

    It could be your speedo converter if you've got 1
  6. F4kus

    F4kus Paid Member

    I Wouldn't even want to say not having heard it, but from past experiences the tapping was only audible between a specific rev range, mine would only rattle between 1,500 and 1,800 rpm and progressivly got worse over time ...Personally for peace of mind i'd take the sump off and check the big ends for play, only takes 1 hour tops for a complete novice, if you can elimanate that then that is always good news!
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  7. ep - karlb

    ep - karlb Registered User +

    could be simple like a leaking exhaust mani or cracked
  8. wolfman43

    wolfman43 Registered User +


    Hello all sorted now

    And nothing horrid was a air solenoid that was laying on the front engine strut brace!!!

    Thanks steve

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