TM Developments + AFR Tuning = UK’s most powerful Starlet

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  1. Registered Trader

    We had another blinding day at AFR today with Matt and Paul. Sorted the few problems we had the other day and we finished up with 438.8bhp @ 1.8 bar. At this point the intercooler pipes were restricting any more boost, so next step is custom pipe work, more boost and maybe 500bhp ;)

    Many thanks to Matt and Paul at AFR for all their awesome work in getting the car this far and of course to Darren for all his hard work that is certainly starting to pay off.

    Anyone thinking of any mapping work these guys come highly recommended, thoroughly knowledgeable, fairly priced and no BS
  2. pc18

    pc18 North West England Area Rep.

    :rockon: thats some serious work gone into that car! great figures.
  3. monka

    monka Registered User +

    lovely figure
  4. ChrisGT

    ChrisGT Paid Member

    Amazing mate! More pics/vids! lol
  5. CMR

    CMR Paid Member

    Thats some power alright! Congrats
  6. D1v

    D1v Registered User +

    ha thats mad congrats :p got a question... doesnt the car just wheelspin like fuk in all gears lol :p f*** going out in that in the rain :rockon:
  7. lleey2k4

    lleey2k4 Paid Member

    I read that and nearly wet myself haha amazing well done :)
  8. madman

    madman Registered User +

    Crazy figure dave well done to all involved
  9. Adam_Glanza

    Adam_Glanza Registered User +

    videos videos!!
  10. Registered Trader

    Matt will be doing some road mapping next week(Private test track), will get some vids then :)
  11. Julian-ep91

    Julian-ep91 Registered User +

    post up the graph mate
  12. lingl9z

    lingl9z Paid Member

    Nice result there guys! :)
  13. weakboy2

    weakboy2 Registered User +

    c'mon dave give us some specs!!!

    What clutch you using?
  14. karls_car

    karls_car Registered User +

    good work~!! this AFR seem the place to be, im booked in for next tuesday for my mappin!
  15. dmw_86

    dmw_86 Paid Member

    Blimey, that's fairly incredible stuff.

    As above though, how do you go about getting that sort of power down?!
  16. KrissyB

    KrissyB Paid Member

    97 RON or Race fuel dave , great results
  17. Registered Trader

    You won't regret it mate :)
  18. Registered Trader

    Slicks :) Its not a road car :eek:
  19. Idrees

    Idrees Banned

    Well done Dave, that's a cracking result!
  20. Registered Trader

    Darrens hard work mate, i just make the tea ;)

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