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  1. Hi guys im back.

    So after all the drama i have managed to get the car on the road and running in good shape.

    The car made a decent 110kw at the wheels and a torque figure of 208nm.
    Currently running at 1.2bar boost limited at 6300rpm

    Now i would like to know, what is the maximum power/torque i can reach safely with the correct tune, and if possible to guide me in the right direction to reach the max power/torque.

    I want advice on a good boost pressure, as well as a good air-fuel ratio, timing, potential power and torque figures as well as which rpm the limiter should be at.

    Take note the motor itself is bone stock but just had a overhaul and is running great.

    i have the following mods:
    td04 turbo(actuator wastegate)
    550cc denso subaru injectors(blues)
    Stand alone ecu(Dicktator Management System)
    Custom long branch and performance exhaust
    Higher pressure fuel pump

    Any help will be highly appreciated.
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  2. Jay

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    1.1~1.2 bar is regarded as max on stock internals. You are looking for a solid level that doesn't spike or fluctuate too much.

    For a safe road tune aim for AFR's of 11.8 at wide open throttle. Best to start off too rich and lean out than to start too lean and explode.

    Make sure you have some knock detection rigged up as she could disagree completely with these statements in the real world.

    Obviously you can push the boundaries but be prepared to stand over your decisions lol

    Would like to think 220-240bhp (fly) is in the ball park but results can vary.
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  3. Thanks a lot Jay....will take this into consideration, now that the car isnt being used as an everyday vehicle will try to push it a bit.
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  4. What kind of power this will be at the wheels? Think we can get around 200hp atw with the stock motor?
  5. Jay

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    Yeah you are in the area of 190-225 WHP depending on who is working the calculator.

    Drivetrain losses vary a bit depending on who you ask. Your local rolling road operator should be able to advise on your results and how to translate them.
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  6. Thank you so much for all the responses
  7. wickedep

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    ^^^summed it up nicely.
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