Uber-Sticky: What tyres do you use/recommend?

Discussion in 'CHASSIS' started by Monkfish, May 14, 2009.

  1. popsy09

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  2. madman

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    I would totally disagree with that comment for the simple fact that they are absolutely brutal in the wet the worst tyre i have had on the car the smallest amount of standing water and it aqaplane's like fuck its scary to say the least.. not too great in the dry either they squeal like fuck in the corners aswel.. the only good point is they are a hard wearing tyre.
  3. popsy09

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    i have decided to go for pirelli 6000 mainly because my m8 can get them for me at a handy price i have heard ok things about them anyone any experience with them ??
  4. EvilKnievel

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    So have been alternating between them and am happy with both. The yoko's seem better in a straight line and I have not managed to make them scream or slide even under heavy braking. The bridgestones seem better in the corners though even though they tend to screech a bit but I never got the feeling they gona let go, prob the harder shoulder. They also seem a bit more stable at high speeds than the yoko's (180km/h +). Have not had either in wet conditions up to now. I must add I am not looking at tyre life as I prefer the grip factor over tyre life. At the moment cannot complain about either in general so to speak.
  5. Dingle

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    As any tried VREDESTEIN
  6. Glanza Girl

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    Michelin Pilot Exalto's (195/50/15) think they set me back £80 a tyre (i'll check me receipt when i get home)

    fab tyre although grip great all round they only lasted me 3 months or so i had to go and get two new front tyres this weekend as i just noticed they were near enough bald bad luck really as all they had in stock were Pirelli P6000s although these are good tyres (they were on me Zetec s Fiesta) maybe not best suited to Glanza - good grip but wear may not be too good so im gonna wait and see what the tyre brings :)

    I think the Pirelli P6000s set me back about £50/60 i think not too sure (again will check receipt when i get home)

    Oh and i were discussing tyres while i was waiting for me car and the guy said the Michelin Pilot Exaltos are going to be discontinued which i was a bit gutted to hear as they have been good to me and he told me the replacement but i cant remember what he said - i'll do some research

    So all in all although really expensive i'd defo recommend the Pilot Exaltos (Michelin the way forward) if ya willing changing ya tyres quite a few times a year or drive real careful ha ha but hey whats the point having speed and not sticking to the road
  7. addz

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    Yokohama S-Drive 195/45R16 84W

    I have used 2 sets of these now and can vouch they are awesome tryes on both wet and dry. I have mates using them and they say the same.
  8. Sharagath

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    x2, these look nice [FONT=Verdana,Arial,Helvetica]SPORTRAC 3[/FONT]

    i currently drive on pirelly SP9000, but they can't handle the torque any more.
    i'm looking for a good/ wet grip tyre.
  9. Paul_JJ

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    Has anyone tried Dunlop Sport Fast Response?

    I heard a lot of good stuff about them, good grip, superb braking and excellent in wet, even goes on snow!!!

    Regarding the Parada Spec 2

    A friend of mine has been using them on his lowered Fiesta Zetec for years now. He loves them for the best handling and perfect road grip.

    Disadvatages of Yokohamas - very very bad grip in wet, absolute no traction in snow!!! And they don't last very long! So I would say - yes for a summer no for the winter!

    I personally want to get something decent, but don't want to spend much and the wet grip is important for me, as I drive everyday in any weather!

    For the winter a have a pair (separate alloys) of TOYO Snowproxes S942 - these are AMAZING for the WET and SNOW grip, you just drive in snow as if it was in wet :rockon: and drive in wet as it was in dry!!! And the dry grip is pretty good as well - ideal for december - february in the UK.
  10. shizerproject

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    haha i changed from T1R's to Parada II's in the snow on the front as i got sod all grip couldnt get up the street bt yoko's sorted that out n tbf they seemed to handle very well in the snow... T1R's prefered ice as if it was icey n compacted they work but on fresh powder they failed whereas parada's worked.

    in the wet & the dry tho for a standard tyre i'd say get a set of T1R's they last quite a while give slightly more grip in dry n wet conditions than the parada's & they were slightly cheaper last time i looked. The parada's arnt too bad in the wet aslong as its heavy rain they just dont like it slightly damp. Both of those tyres seem to last about the same anywhere from 6 months to a year.
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  11. Corkers

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    Ive just bought toyo t1r's all round and the grip is 10x better than what I had from bridgestones potenza's, I've used them in the wet and dry and really rate them in both ! I chose them over the yokohama's as heard they were better in the wet, and living in britain... ! Also apparently last longer, pretty cheap to 195 50 15 .. £30 a corner off the internet and tenna each to fit. Tidyyyyy !
  12. popsy09

    popsy09 Munster Area Rep.

    so what tires people using these days my pirellis are in need of replace and cant afford 888s at the moment

    can get

    parada spec 11
    michelin pe2 for handy money ,any recommendations ??
  13. kellygt

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    I'm running BF Goodrich G profilers find em good in the wet and dry and they wear good too but I'm not running anywhere near the power you have so you'd wanna think hard before you purchase I'd probably go for yokohama if I were you they seem to be the tyre of choice for a lot of people on here
  14. popsy09

    popsy09 Munster Area Rep.

    ya i dont want to run 888s on the road be to expensive but i will get a set for draggin if i go do it , just need a good road tyre for now hearing mixed reviews about yoko s really
  15. Captain Starlet

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    Mate dont buy bfg simple their shite!

    Paradas seem not to bad with the power on mine!

    check out my post in this thread earlier on init i went into more detail there
  16. Jaf_ep91

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    either toyo proxes T1R or Prada's Cant go wrong with either
  17. thefalls

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    I had the opportunity to try some goodyear eagle f1 today and i can safely say that
    my yokohama advans neova [Ad07] are so so much better.
    The difference is immense,the grip [ in dry i mean,no rain yet ] is awesome and in the corners at
    fast speed the yokos are more predictible and you feel more confident when pushing the car further.

    I attribute this difference to the shoulders that are more stiff on the yokos compared to the goodyears.
    As for the comfort level,the goodyears are better and less road noise.

    I guess the Ad08 will be even better,cant wait to try those!
  18. nizmo

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    Hi guys. Need your recommendations for the perfect tyre pressure (for a Glanza's straight line high speed handling) on:
    Eagle F1 195/45/16. Yes, I'm having that kind of 'boaty' feeling too usually associated with the F1... :mad:
  19. thefalls

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    Well it is time to change tyres now and i finally went for the yoko's S drive.
    They are supposed to be good and been getting good feedback by a few friends who actually used them.

    Well i have been using them for only 100kms or so.

    The first impression was,hhmm... soft tyres. But they have lesser road noise and are more comfortable.
    Handling is nothing compared to the yoko advans [ my favourite ] but i was surprised with the soft rubber.
    The sidewall is slightly soft as well and this reflects the cornering ablility,which is acceptable in aggressive driving.

    It really sticks to the tarmac [ dry surface ] and in bends/roudabouts it gives good confidence when pushing it.
    I will wait for some rain and then get back for wet surface behaviour.

    The feedback/steering response is slighter lesser than the advans.
    At high speeds the 'road feeling' of the tyres is not there,the steering becomes too light.Here i must say that i prefer the yoko advans!

    Verdict: They are good tyres if you are on a budget and absorb road noise well.

    But they are not in the leagues of the likes like yoko advans neova/bridgestones adrenaline or potenza so3.
    I will wait for the tyres to wear down a bit and then give some more info.





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  20. whiteglanzav

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    nice brakes !!

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