Vitara piston on 4e block?

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by gra893, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. omikron

    omikron Registered User +

    4g15/16 pistons plus an overbore guys use here but the car needs a lot of boost to get up and go, suspect super low compression
  2. Ryan.Truesdale

    Ryan.Truesdale Fresh Recruit

    Looking into using vitara g16a pistons due to price and how easy they are to source.

    Looking to see if anyone could tell what all I need to do to fit them. Rebore to 75mm is pretty obvious. But is there anything else different.
  3. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Never found an engine running them nor can I see why you would be considering such an unknown choice?

    4EFTE pistons can't be that hard to source. It's a lot of machining and guesswork unless you are completely stuck for options.

    Showing as available on Amayama: (size 1) (size 2) (size 3)

    Now of course they could be discontinued but you normally need to order them first then they will confirm via email. Looks around £35 each plus shipping.
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  4. Ryan.Truesdale

    Ryan.Truesdale Fresh Recruit

    Mainly interested in their strength over standard pistons. They are also only 115 for a full set.

    I'm not fully committed to them yet but I'm very interested. I Like being different
  5. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    35£ from UAE :eek:feck that's for nothing !
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  6. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Going on the figures mentioned the compression is fairly affected. You could see a bit of a difference in response and driveability as a result.
  7. Skalabala

    Skalabala Registered User +

    Have sent you a PM with some good info :)
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  8. gorganl2000

    gorganl2000 Registered User +

    even with the difference in price, i'd still go with 4efte pistons, or even shaved 5efe/5efhe/4efe pistons (and i'm not a big fan of shaving pistons although i ran a set of shaved 4efte pistons for 10 years with no problems :)).
    i also know someone that successfully ran honda pistons in a 5efte, but i'd not recommend/do that either.

    if i'm going through the expense of reboring a block, which will be happening with the other manufacturer pistons mentioned above, then i'd just save and go forged with genuine 4e/5e rods and pistons really..... (i may consider other manufacturer forged pistons if they can be had considerably cheaper at this point vs forged 4efte pistons AND will fit our forged 4e/5e rods without any real problems AND the machine shop is very good at what is does)
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  9. Ryan.Truesdale

    Ryan.Truesdale Fresh Recruit

    block bored, honed and skimmed head skimmed.
    Compression ratio 7.2
    Ep82 rods (not modded)
    1nz pistons (not modded)
    Stock cam
    Stock gaskets
    Acl bearings
    380cc + injectors (3sge)
    10w60 oil
    exedy stage 1 TK02H441 organic clutch
    Standard flywheel
    Use toyota clutch release bearing (doesn't rattle)

    Wepr ramhorn
    external wastegate with 1 bar spring and screamer

    Standard ecu
    Wideband sensor
    O2 sensor
    Boost controller
    SAFC (if raising boost)
    Turbo timer

    Front mount intercooler
    Rocker cover with 2 breathers
    Ep91 na gearbox (until it blows up)

    97 octane fuel
  10. Ryan.Truesdale

    Ryan.Truesdale Fresh Recruit

    im going to try it I think. Will go and price up a rebore first though.
  11. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    This will be interesting Ryan, plenty of information in this thread :)
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  12. Ryan.Truesdale

    Ryan.Truesdale Fresh Recruit

    This setup should work on 4efte pistons too. So the only real limiting factor is a rebore. 4efte pistons don't go to 1.5 bar of boost as far as i am aware where as 1nz should be fine with it.
  13. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Should be an interesting build. Might be a touch lazy in comparison to a regular 4efte but the boost should make up for that.

    Would 10w 60 not be a bit thick though at normal engine temps?
  14. Ryan.Truesdale

    Ryan.Truesdale Fresh Recruit

    Lazy off boost won't be an issue to me. Might actually make me drive half sensible the odd time lol. Keeping the intercooler pipes as short as possible is a big thing for me so hopefully that helps too.

    Oil I'm worried about as I've had two motors now with bottom end failure. So more research needed.
  15. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    WP_20180519_09_35_42_Pro.jpg that's what I'm using now, good enough for Phil's gt so will do me :)
  16. Ryan.Truesdale

    Ryan.Truesdale Fresh Recruit

    Adam steward is using slightly thicker motorsport oil from memory.
    I'll just ask about see what the general consensus is

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