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  1. Jay

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    Welcome to the Jay's Garage trading forum on www.toyotagtturbo.com

    I operate a very small Starlet-based setup in Northern Ireland dealing in Starlet parts and performance items. With more than 16 years experience owning, maintaining, repairing and modifying these vehicles I can offer a bit more than a conventional scrapyard or parts supplier.

    All the parts you see advertised here have been removed from various starlets brought in for breaking. I can provide detailed information on each item and supply further pictures on request.

    Please note that on larger items overseas buyers may be required to arrange their own courier but I am happy to cater for International customers where possible.

    Please feel free to contact me directly with any questions, enquiries or observations on the parts offered here.

    Many thanks for all interest shown,


    Visitors Gallery

    trackstarbreak 016.JPG







    Nangle2 001.JPG
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  2. Jay

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    Feedback thread

    I have just created a feedback thread for any past customers, feel free to browse and add your thoughts:

    Jay's Garage Feedback Thread

    Kind regards,

  3. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Just posting a direct link to my photobucket account as some items aren't immediately advertised. If you see anything of interest just let me know.



  4. smythy75

    smythy75 Paid Member

    Your a true LEGEND Jay!
  5. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Just a reminder that if anyone needs anything fitted, help with fitting something or even a well-lit and dry spot to fit something themselves just shout.

    I can cater for all situations. From servicing to engine replacements I'm here.


  6. steviet

    steviet Registered User +

    Jay top bloke as always,thanks for your time and advice today,defiantly do the Norn Ireland lads proud
  7. steviet

    steviet Registered User +

    Jay top bloke as always,thanks for your time and advice today,defiantly do the Norn Ireland lads proud
  8. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Cheers Stevie, was good to see you boys again. If you need any good advice or bad influence I'm happy to oblige!

  9. gessyboyni

    gessyboyni Fresh Recruit

    jay top guy thanks for the help speak to u soon
  10. www.glanza.co.uk

    www.glanza.co.uk Super Mod (極度の調整器)

    Having visited Jay's Garage, you

    A) Won't get a better location
    B) Won't get a better welcome
    C) Won't find a more knowledgeable EP expert
    D) Will get the level of service you'd expect from an EP nutter

    Even if you're across the ditch, he's just a cheap ferry ride away...
  11. richglanzav

    richglanzav Paid Member

    that red glanza is starlet porn.

    what wheels are on it? i agree btw jay always helped me on the forum whenever ive been stuck with summit.
  12. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Cheers lads, only too glad to help a brother out..

    Ask Starletto Joz Rich, I'm crap with specifics lol.

  13. Starletto_Joz

    Starletto_Joz Registered User +

    The wheels are 15" Rays Gramlights 57C Rich :)

    Simple but effective jdm wheels. They are powdercoated in white now.

    I think posting a facelift photo would be awesome Jay dude after my recent visits.

    The change is quite drastic after seeing Alan D's photo again!

  14. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Should really change this to 15 years - holy crap I feel old!

  15. davehart

    davehart Paid Member

    Ah, age is but a number :)

    Older but wiser........so they say!
  16. Phil

    Phil Super Moderator

    its all right jay, at least when you retire things will continue as normal with no withdrawal from the starleteering :)

    15 years? that means i was 12 when you got that first gt!

    which means im 27!! yikes

  17. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Just bumping this up as I'm still on the go but will be easing back on the major stuff for a while.

    I've a fair bit of building work planned with the garage so over the next few months I'll be unable to take on the more involved operations. Sorry to disappoint but I will try to help out where I can any road.

    To cheer you all up I found a pic of my original shed with an old banger in front of it!

    garage 002.JPG
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