WEPR Demo EP82...483whp/542nm wheel torque....

Discussion in 'Wicked EP Racing' started by wickedep, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. SKINY

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    yea the airshift kits start at around 1500£ from memory, not overly expensive compared to say a full blown quaiffe box should have said lol :)
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  2. gorganl2000

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    i really like this bit of kit you mentioned...just makes the project even more cool :)
    however, does/will the ultra speed of the engagement have any notable impact on the dogbox?
  3. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    i cant see why it would a negative effect mate. once the throw for each gear is programmed..it will shift better than i ever could. its ecu even cuts ignition for the flat shifting.
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  4. gorganl2000

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    it seems like you are set then....flat shifts just sound awesome (and the fireworks from the exhaust if tuned that way :))
    you should see an improvement on your times too due to the quicker shifts
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  5. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    yeah i reckon mate...plus i am not the greatest driver in the world haha
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