WEPR Forged long blocks available soon...

Discussion in 'New Parts' started by wickedep, May 2, 2012.

  1. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hey guys..
    just an update. WEPR will be providing fully built long blocks capable of handling 400whp very soon. we dont believe in giving you guys engines in different stages (stage 1,2,3 etc)..we will have one spec that will take any punishment you wish to dish out!! we are still working on the finer details in order to keep the costs low without compromising the build. the engines will feature all the usual goodies such as forged pistons, rods,acl bearings, arp head studs, metal head gasket, fully ported and polished head etc, i will keep everyone updated with more details as and when i am able to. prices will be very very competitive.

  2. buckets

    buckets Registered User +

    sounds good ,
  3. Chris_GlanzaV98

    Chris_GlanzaV98 Paid Member

    does sound good cant wait to seee it :)
  4. madman

    madman Registered User +

    I egarly look forward to seeing these
  5. wildchild

    wildchild Registered User +

    cool! lookin forward to hearing more of it soon sacha :D
  6. Got.Boost

    Got.Boost Paid Member

    Any news on this yet sacha
  7. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hey mate..it will be a little while longer before these are available!! i'll update when they are.. :)

  8. tiksie

    tiksie Registered User +

    Showing interest from Australia ;)
  9. malcolmgt

    malcolmgt Paid Member

    a year later :)
  10. wickedep

    wickedep Registered Trader

    hehe...thats ok.better late that never i suppose :)

    we can supply a fully built long block with the works. please PM me for a price. there are many options etc. it would be easier if you can PM me and just let me know your requirements etc. thank you


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