What car are you driving?

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by Jay, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. BoostJunkie

    BoostJunkie Paid Member

    Believe me i'd prefer a GT or Glanza but however there is no denying civics dohc (turbo'd) can put out more power than the little 1.3 4efte or 1.5 5efte for that matter is a fact but with that said as everyone knows the problem with hondas is there lack of torque can build a 600hp turbo b series fairly easy enough but it will be around half that in torque 300lb/ft, as i stated earlier i want another gt but the price over here for them or any jdm import is unbelievable which to tell you the truth was something i was not expecting to be the case when i moved here to Canada i thought there would be an abundance of imports and aftermarket parts but soo not the case, everyone here is into there turbo diesel lifted trucks here.

    a little something i found yesterday.
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  2. Galen

    Galen Paid Member

    So when Gpanza came off the road I decided o something diesel and practical (didnt last long).
    Wanted cheaper tax too and spotted a BMW 318tds E36 1.7td for €600.
    Ended up getting red leather interior, alloys off an E60 5 series and slammed it on cheap coilovers so that it scraped on everything! Loved it though, went everywhere, no matter how shit the roads and got more attention than glanza ever did which was mad!

    Ended up putting in a 2.5tds engine, needed proboems sorting and body was getting bad with rust so lost interest so sold it on.

    My first BMW and definitely got to like them from that.
    Next up was a BMW E39 530d M-Sport Touring.
    Absolutely loved this car, the comfort, looked unreal, had decent power. Was thirsty for a diesel and tax was a joke €422 for 3 months!!
    Really regret selling it though, would have it back in the morning.

    Then I done a stupid thing...... I bought a Honda

    IMG_20170917_204509_653.jpg IMG_20170917_172344_397.jpg

    Euro R Accord.
    Lovely looking and sounding car, fairly comfortable and vtec is bit of fun, but it hasnt grown on me at all. I want rid and my Glanza back on the road!
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  3. Jay

    Jay Admin

    The BMW' are hard to beat for comfort and style but I can see the V making a comeback for sure! The Accord looks far too sensible for you :)

    I found running a 'banger' as a daily was sort of hit and miss. Was always one step away from having to scrap the car as they usually aren't worth spending any money on. That being said I've gotten quite lucky so far. Drove a gen2 MR2 for about a year and it was great fun.

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  4. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    That Accord is lovely.

    I won't have knocking Hondas. I love them. I think the Hondas got bags more character than any BMW.

    But I appreciate where you're coming from. Not exactly the most comfortable ride, or fastest.

    But they are seriously well built and can take an earth shattering amount of abuse. Credit given where credit is due. I would love a Honda some day...sad I know.
  5. Galen

    Galen Paid Member

    Ah Im not anti honda at all, friends have eg's and dc2's and they are class little cars. Would rather Bseries over a H anyday though. The look of the Accord is what made me go for it, living with it everyday it just cant compare to the 5series so thats why it hasnt grown on me
  6. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Nah mate, can't blame you for that. I'm surprised though, I would have thought the Accord would have been easier to live with.

    I guess utimately, the Honda would have been the cheaper car.

    It does look stunning though.
  7. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    Love the Accord Galen its a beaut. There is a lad that I see in a white one around where I live and it looks great and well planted. The BMWs are hard to beat for comfort in fairness. Most other cars you sit in after having a BMW just dont feel anything near as well fitted out.

    PS: hope all well, long time no speak.
  8. azerty

    azerty Supermoderator

    The Daily drive

    The wet and the wild

    The roadster (4efte powered)

    When I feel bored with all previous...
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  9. gv1.3

    gv1.3 Admin

    Nice collection Lio!
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  10. Jay

    Jay Admin

    That's a tool for every job Lio - great planning!

    Driving a new Passat GTE tonight, first time driving the tech long distance in a VW and it's quite impressive. The Passat not so much but that's possibly just me. Electric only mode is spooky as hell.

    Still early days yet regards hybrid cars in general but it's the most probable way forward for most manufacturers TBH.
  11. Rev

    Rev Registered User +

    Well the sera has a chassis problem so I impetuously bought a Scirocco R 2L 2012. Electric steering, 6 speed DSG auto wet gear box and electric accelerator all not as quick reacting or sensitive as my tweaked sera setup but in race mode and unexpectedly sports mode things pick up nicely. The idle revs go up and there is some nice sounding overlap that immediately brings the turbo out of granny mode plus interior comfort is up and select-able suspension in comfort mode does the trick and city fuel consumption is up too.This VW is front wheel drive to save weight, no spare to save weight but is not that light really but has with lots of electronics to save weight and make for superior handling. It is supposed to be much more stable than the Golf R at high speed, all I know is I pushed it on the test drive and it over-steered so I was happy.
    Also quick flick double gear changes on the steering paddles make a big difference to responsiveness.​
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  12. Derek

    Derek Paid Member

    2 kids and a house leads to no fun cars for the time being. Boring a4 on the drive.
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  13. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Driven quite a few vws in my line of work. Have a soft spot for the roccos but would rate the golf r as a bit more capable being honest.
  14. Spence10

    Spence10 Member

    Big daily Ford Focus lol
  15. Rory

    Rory Paid Member

    Daily is now a E91 BMW 330d. Load lugger for the young lad and going racing.
    Race car is now a Spaceframe Mini.
  16. SKINY

    SKINY Registered User +

    WP_20180804_19_03_17_Pro.jpg WP_20180804_19_02_57_Pro.jpg
    bye bye BMW Hello Audi :) will eventually be an rs4 rep, 2003 2L petrol 108,000 full Audi service history, all belts pumps etc done, one old lad from new then his old son. Proper minter :)
  17. azerty

    azerty Supermoderator

    I've moved closer to my office 3 month ago.
    so I sold the Ducati in the move and finally sold my buggy last week (after 18 years of ownership)

    I thought it was time for something great !

    ended up borrowing my son scooter
  18. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Was not expecting that Lio :D
  19. Corey_gt

    Corey_gt Administrator

    I have shamed our family. Pretty pokey for a big old girl 3.5 v6 v tec. Perfect for soccer practice. Missing my Starlets a lot these days.
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  20. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Where did it all go wrong.. :D

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