What compressor to 1.8l 143hp engine?

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by Fjututu, Oct 29, 2019.

  1. Fjututu

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    Hi, i planned put compressor to my 1ZZ-Fe Celica. I have bigger injectors from 2ZZ-Ge 193hp corolla and i can install fuel pressure regulator. Only thing i won't change is ECU because is low cost build. I thinking about 0.5-0.6 bar boost to get maybe 200hp and 300nm torque. To me more important is torque and acceleration than horse power. What compressor be good to me? I thinking about eaton m45, m65 or m62 but is the most expensive one, all are from Mercedes. Do you have other types?
  2. SWJ

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    I think your in the wrong place??? The 1 zz-Fe or a supercharger, is not really a Glanza/Startelet/Tercel/Paseo thing??? We use a different class of motors here, 1.3 4efte's and 1.5 5efte. So most likely not a lot of knowledge here on what your doing?? ::)
  3. SKINY

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    The rotrex supercharger is very popular with the UK celica folks, most are seeing gains of at least 80hp :)
    Keep us posted on how it goes, theres a few zz powered starlets about the place
  4. SWJ

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    LOL, well car guy's you know. There is always gonna be, the odd Duck or two. :)
  5. SKINY

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    There are a few 2ZZ,s running upwards off 400HP too bud :)
    A mate bolted a eBay turbo kit to his 140zzfe engine a while back and has near 10,000km done, piston no3 my money's on shiting itself soon :p
  6. SWJ

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    LOL, well you know fun while it last as it were! Not heard of that one either, but I doubt it's a bolt in swap???

    Back in the day on Tercelonline, there were a couple of 3 sgte swaps! But everyone said that while they were freakish fast, they handled like crap?? To much weight over the front end! Custom axles, frame notching and lot's of measurements ... front to back, up and down and angle of engine placement! A Diy job only for the very skilled! And a small fortune to have done. And very few shops could do it right!!

    The Silver top (I think) 5 valve 4age motors were a better choice and they still required a frame notch. The info for that was lost when "Tercelonline, went down.There were a few of those guy's on there also. :(

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