What is the difference between the 5efe & 5efhe

Discussion in 'ENGINE' started by turbostar, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. turbostar

    turbostar Paid Member

    just wondered what the difference between the 5efe and the 5efhe engine's are and wich is better to use for a turbo conversion.

    cheers dan
  2. D3N0

    D3N0 Paid Member

    Been covered loads do a search and find out why 5efhe is better.... homework.
  3. GTnomez

    GTnomez Paid Member

    actually there isnt alot covered.

    Ive tried searching but there isnt much on the difference between the two.

    The answer is simple really, both blocks the same. The FHE has stronger rods and has a slightly better head due to the cam but people ask stupid money for these.

    I bought a 5efe engine for 50quid and all i wanted is the block.
  4. sanchez

    sanchez Paid Member

    Surly it dosent matter which one you buy if you going to forge all the internals??
  5. Fro

    Fro Paid Member

  6. GTnomez

    GTnomez Paid Member

    ideally what you want for a 5e is the crank, block and the rods.

    From my understanding there isnt really a need to have forged rods unless you intend on going past the stock rev limit. If not then the stock FHE ones will do fine.

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