Whats good in Glasgow?

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by jay88, May 7, 2009.

  1. jay88

    jay88 Paid Member

    Well lads heding there the end of June just wondering what is there to go do and see?

    Cheers, Jason.
  2. Paton

    Paton Paid Member

    Clubbing at the Arches on the last saturday of each month :p

    Inside out
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  3. streetracer_starlet

    streetracer_starlet Paid Member

    Depends what your into.........music taste? fancy dancy? casual?
  4. D1v

    D1v Registered User +

    the best thing in glasgow in definately IBROX!
  5. Rickyt

    Rickyt Registered User +

    x2 mon the teddy bears!!!
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  6. Rob fulham4eva

    Rob fulham4eva Registered User +

  7. bucketep91

    bucketep91 Registered User +

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  8. MattyR

    MattyR Paid Member

    The Check In Girls At Glasgow Airport :haha:


    The Indian Food mmmmm
  9. rb69

    rb69 Paid Member

    Battered Mars Bar
  10. Craig_GT

    Craig_GT Paid Member

    sauchiehall st is the place for pubs mate.

    Sauchiehall Crawl!!
  11. Enzo

    Enzo Registered User +

    haha, na PARKHEAD is paradice and more of a holesome place for the whole family!

    took a piss on ibrox once,
    only for two jaikys sittin at the porch of one of those borded up tenamants to come running over launching there cans of special brew at the motor shouting

    "ho you ya arab, stop pissing on sacred property"

    almost pissed all over myself jumping back into the car to get away !
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  12. smythy75

    smythy75 Paid Member

    the road to edinburgh
  13. SupaStu

    SupaStu Paid Member


    Enzo, you from Biggar by any chance?

    Arches is a good night out, might be a bit "heavy" for some tho, long face the next day.
  14. Iain@CRD

    Iain@CRD Paid Member

    Pissed on Ibrox? How dare you!! :D Next time im in dyer need of a piss ill stop at Parkhead ;). Suppose Saturday should hopefully show that Gers are the better team anyway ;)
  15. Johnny_C

    Johnny_C Paid Member

  16. hubbygt

    hubbygt Paid Member

    There is no better team mate,they are both shite atm tbh!
  17. Iain@CRD

    Iain@CRD Paid Member

    Agreed, which is why ad rather watch Coca Cola League 1.
  18. Craig_GT

    Craig_GT Paid Member

    Moan the Well!! :haha:
  19. Rob fulham4eva

    Rob fulham4eva Registered User +

    theres an idea a piss meet at parkhead :haha::haha:
  20. D1v

    D1v Registered User +

    1-0 follow follow! get it rite round ye enzo lol ;)

    ......top of the league ur avin a laugh hehehe ;)

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