Which CV joints ?

Discussion in 'DRIVETRAIN' started by SKINY, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. SKINY

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    Doing a few searches :cool:and see there is different amounts of inner splines etc, cant find a definitive answer to what mine are and what ones I need ?
    How do I tell, 95 quadlight no abs/lsd box.
    I see the usual 2 suspects sell them at 70£ too, that be dead on for them both lol
  2. H_D

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    you need to take them off and count the splines, there is no other way to tell
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  3. SKINY

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    Well that sucks :mad:phoned 2 different places today said same thing FS
  4. gorganl2000

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    just a query/thought , but if you pull back the cv boot would one be able to count the inner splines? that's if any are still in sight and slightly protruding from where the drive shaft goes into the cv joint itself?---i can't remember, so just asking :) as it could help the poster if possible
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  5. SKINY

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    Good idea Gorgan, will get under it over the weekend and see can I tell, I'm very much favouring the idea off pulling it out and handing the parts shop it lol:p
  6. John 08

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    Or could you take the wheel off and open the big nut on the driveshaft that sits in the hub. Can you see when nut is off?
  7. SKINY

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    Aye parts place said the outers where same inners different so unfortunately not buddy, have to get into the back end off it, shaft out most likely FS yay :oops:
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  8. John 08

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    Ye sounds like you've no other choice really!
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  9. Skalabala

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    Buy both types and return the wrong one. I do this sometimes.
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