whos glanza is this??

Discussion in 'Chill Out Room' started by O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y

    O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y Registered User +

  2. Galen

    Galen Paid Member

    havent seen it no the site before. Nice looking car but describes a few bits wrong.
  3. Topher-EP82

    Topher-EP82 Registered User +

    "hks actuwaiter"

    brilliant lol
  4. Dan507

    Dan507 Paid Member

    IF this is legit, Barginzz. looks nice.
  5. Brendanlez

    Brendanlez Paid Member

    Varis kit???

    Where is the back bumper?
  6. cossiej23

    cossiej23 Registered User +

    Nice car,v.cheap
  7. smythy75

    smythy75 Paid Member

    227bhp on a hybrid ct9 by the looks and no engine management...i would question that!
  8. gedis

    gedis Registered User +

    x2 i was thinking the same here
  9. O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y

    O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y Registered User +

    so what do ye think?? should i go 4 it?? he says he has the sheet 2 prove the bhp??:eek:
  10. RS-Ronan

    RS-Ronan Paid Member

    dunno who owns it.
    looks nice though!
  11. O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y

    O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y Registered User +

    would anybody think this would be a good buy or what do ye make of it??:confused:
  12. TURBO2010

    TURBO2010 Paid Member

    i think it would b a good buy for the price but id question the bhp mate! she looks sweet!!:)
  13. O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y

    O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y Registered User +

    i was thinking that aswell but he has the sheet to prove the bhp
  14. TURBO2010

    TURBO2010 Paid Member

    ya i could be wrong mate, better off giving em a buzz! like he doesent say anything about a fpr or fuel pump or what boost hes running! could be doing damage to the engine!!
  15. O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y

    O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y Registered User +

    he said its boosting at 0.7 so on a standard ct9 that would be alright anyway
  16. wesgt

    wesgt Paid Member

    this car was for sale a while back, i rang your man and he didn't have a clue about the car! i asked what turbo was he using and was there any engine management, the reply i got was "i have the sheet to prove the power"! the car was sold and the new owner is the one that has it up now.

    he only has it 5 or 6 weeks tops, so you need to ask why its for sale again so quickly!
  17. TURBO2010

    TURBO2010 Paid Member

    yep it sure would!!:) but i dont think u would be able to get 227bhp on .7 of a bar? would u?:confused:
  18. jonny-boi32

    jonny-boi32 Paid Member

    227bhp on a hybrid ct9 at 0.7bar, i think not!! and poss no fueling uprated. sure people are jus getting over 200bhp safely on td04 with fueling, managements, etc.
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  19. O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y

    O_D_O_H_E_R_T_Y Registered User +

    no that doesnt seem to add up, sure people dont get that figure running 0.7 of a TD04 do they??
  20. TURBO2010

    TURBO2010 Paid Member

    Thank jonny tought so!!

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