Why was my thread locked ?

Discussion in 'Rolling Road Section' started by ep-dylan, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. ep-dylan

    ep-dylan Paid Member

  2. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Just checked - the system isn't showing any moderator actions taken on the thread which usually means the owner of the thread has locked it.

    Seen the same thing in the past (just about to check the thread on japspeed exhausts to see if the same thing happened there).

  3. nistarbo

    nistarbo Registered User +

    Yea mine was the same. Just closed itself after my post for some reason lol
  4. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Yes, same thing happened on Anthony's thread, he managed to lock it when replying just. You can relax, no-one has green with horse-envy lol.

  5. animal gt

    animal gt Registered User +

    The ban stick is coming dylan hahaha
  6. Jay

    Jay Admin

    There's a layer of dust on the ban hammer that would scare ya!
  7. nistarbo

    nistarbo Registered User +

    When was the last non spam ban handed out

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