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  1. Spence10

    Spence10 Fresh Recruit

    As winters soon apon us, whats every1 doing Way there Gt,V'still etc....

    Any builds,Tlc or Project etc etc

    Mines just been bathed and now being put away over the bad Months to get Tlc, and save for Parts etc

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  2. SKINY

    SKINY Member

    Daily driver, bring it on hahahaha :)
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  3. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Once I have fixed Hookie's and prepped my RX for the winter months I am planning on..

    Getting these two boosting again:


    The rustproofing on this thing finally finished:

    stock1 192.JPG

    And a start on the engine for this old lady:


    Probably not get near any of them tbh but I can hope!
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  4. Spence10

    Spence10 Fresh Recruit

    Mint collection Jay ladd, be hairy driving it skiny if the snow hits lol first part off a long list off goodies is getting bought at the end off the Month Karls Apexi power fc ecu plug n play for the Ep82 ☺
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  5. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Nonsense - I handled EP's daily for nearly a decade!

    P55 day two 043.JPG
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  6. SKINY

    SKINY Member

    that's a mighty plan Jay :)
    Ant, just turn the fun knob down be grand......
  7. Spence10

    Spence10 Fresh Recruit

    Good fun in the snow Jay lol I can save better way it tucked away, hard to turn it down ladd to enjoyable
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  8. Starletezy

    Starletezy Fresh Recruit

  9. Starletezy

    Starletezy Fresh Recruit

  10. Jay

    Jay Admin

    Winter is when projects suddenly go out of control.

    Looking forward to seeing what gets built!
  11. Spence10

    Spence10 Fresh Recruit

    Me too got my first purchase ☺ Going for the Apexi power fc route... now a good td04 n wepr Mani setup

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  12. Jay

    Jay Admin

    That's a good bit of kit. Go for a fortune usually. You just need a nice big turbo kit now... :D
  13. SKINY

    SKINY Member

    Nice buy Ant :) seen a few hand controllers in OZ for 230£+
    One on the celica forum too last week, can't mind the price tho lol
  14. Calum122

    Calum122 Registered User +

    Has the FC not been superceded now. I know it's a powerful bit of kit, but it's not even designed for the 4E was it. It was like designed for the MR2 or Celica IIRC and was merely adapted by another company to work with the 4E.

    For the premium, why wouldn't you use the ME22 Electronic. It's a standalone ECU that is remappable and comes packed with a bog stock map on it.

    It's not as adjustable as the FC, but allows COP conversion and the fueling and ignition changing. For like £600. And you can plug it into your computer IIRC.

    I was contemplating the FC myself, but it's old technology now and was wondering why you chose it.

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