I acquired my '97 Sportif as a first car with the intention to drive for a while and upgrade, but it's still here three and a bit years later.

Here's two photos of when I picked the car up.

The car itself has cause me a lot of heartache, first of all by spinning no.3 big end baring three months into ownership. After chucking out money for a new engine, I really didn't want it to go to waste, so I thought I may as well get modding.

I started with the usual N/A mods, Corolla intake, straight through exhaust etc. Still not enough power for my liking though, so was considering a 4e-fte swap. In hindsight this would have been a cheaper option and better gains for the money I chucked at it, but I opted to stay N/A.

Here is a photo before the major transformation began.

I managed to source a 5e-fhe from a '93 Sera, which was one of the major heartaches, between the overall condition of the engine and a rouge engine builder, but I'll not get into that.

Here's a few photos of 5e getting dropped in first time round.

A few issued developed while running the engine in, the engine builder did not replace the piston rings or bearings, so out it came again.

And back in, with new rings, oil pump, bearings etc. Also a new rocker cover colour.

Next on the agenda... ITB's

The general drive ability of the car has improved greatly, pulls well from 25mph in 5th and make the daily commute interesting.

Here are a few artsy photo's that Jay took.

Engine/performace wise, the car is basically where I want it to be, minus standalone management. In the process of polishing the engine bay up at the moment and replacing all the visible bolts with anodized ones. Will wire tuck at some point too.

I want to get the bodywork in order next. Have plans for a carbon bonnet, Livesports rear spoiler, Varis rear bumper, Reflet rear lights and Livesports skirts. I've a remix bumper to go on too.

Cheers for reading!