So picked up a Black GT Turbo MK2.

Was pretty much stock when I bought it apart from a HKS actuator, Toms wheels and a gay AU Starlet Club sticker

The following day I whipped out the seats and gave it a detail

Gave the car a wash but really needs a polish......which will come later

SOOOOOOO, with my OCD kicking in I decided that I needed to tidy up the engine bay first.......

so started with this

I started off by buying a full radiator silicone hose kit in red

Whilst I had the interooler off, I thought it would be nice to get the 'rocker' cover LOL powdercoated in Satin black.............

Then saw the heatshield was tatty so did that in flameproof red......which looks a tad orange.......but anyways looks ok....

also bleached the headertank an washer bottle.... (all in above pic)

next was my Tegiwa power steering covers and brake covers and also my freshened up intercooler cover

I then went out and bought new air filter pipes and had the intercooler brakets, strut bar and the metal boost hose which holds the BOV painted in 2 pack red....................

parts going back in (just waiting on red boost hoses now)

Today fitted HKS SSQV

The car has a long way to go yet but is off the road for the next 9months till summer!!! so funds permitting it will be drivable by then

Picture of the engine bay with my DSLR cam

So today 27/03/2014 disassembled the brake calipers and played around with the VHT flame proof paint and painted the calipers. Then stuck them in our oven to cure the paint.....


Update on the Redback

So after a polish and wax a few pics

About a week ago my stock TMIC stumpy pipes arrived after being custom made in red

So went in search for the yellow JDM inserts for the fog lights.......Came across a set. Installed them and bought some Crystal White Narva headlights.


Had a set of stock fogs with yellow tint. Looked very JDM but preferred white glass with the yellow glass domes inside

Starting progress on making my own ramhorn manifold for a CT9. Will be externally gated

Heres the merge collectors

Cutting (15degrees )

Manifold gasket

CT9 turbo gasket. Both this and the Manifold gasket are at the CNC routers getting cut in 13mm thich steel

Lond radius 90 degree schd40 1 1/4'' steel steam pipe

Just waiting on the flanges and external gate and this ramhorn will be made