We often receive emails with common questions. Below is a list of frequently asked questions which you may find helpful

What does TGTT stand for? Toyota GT Turbo
I have forgotten my password what should I do? When you attempt to login with an incorrect password you will be shown a “forgot password” link. Click this and you will be guided through the procedure to get a new password. You must have access to your email account.
I registered and can login but cannot post anything – When you register a confirmation email is sent to you for security purposes. This email contains a link, until you click this link your account is not active. If you did not receive the email please check your spambox.
I have a technical question can you help me? Once you register you can ask technical questions in the forum and one of our friendly members will assist you.
I need a part for my car can you supply parts? Once you register you will be able to post in the wanted section of the forum or contact one of our many traders who will supply you with the parts you need.
I registered but I cannot put my item up for sale in the classifieds section of the forum, is something wrong? No nothing is wrong but we do have rules that you must follow. These rules are located at the top of the forum, please read them.
I have a business, can I advertise on your website? We are very selective about which companies can sell on our site. If you are interested in selling on TGTT you will find all the details you need here.

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