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    Default piston, rod, and crankshaft comparison for 5efe, 5efhe, and 4efte

    So, while my ps3 is updating, I figured, I'd share some more knowledge, it may be known to some, if not, most, but here it is for all.
    What's the difference between an ep82 4efte and an ep91 4efte? well that answer is very easy. Aside from a few sensors that are different, the rods are also very different, they are the same length and use the same bearings, but the thickness is what is different.

    on the left is an pre 1995 ep82 4efte rod and on the right is a 1995 ep82 and ep91 4efte rod, clearly, you can see the difference.

    The 5e's on the other hand have many more differences.
    there are two different rods, I dont have a picture due to tercelonline being down but the difference is the same as on the 4efte's, one is thick, one is thin. the same thicknesses as the 4efte's the thinner of the 5e rods belong to the distributorless and "JDM" 5efe's(or any 5efe made during or after 1995), the thicker rods which have long believed to have only come inside the 5efhe, are not unique only to the 5efhe, but also come in the usdm 1st gen paseo's(made before 1995), and also in the 3e engine found in 4th gen(91-94)Tercel. There is no difference in these rods other that are stated last(5efhe, pre 1995 5efe, and 3e). I have taken apart quite a few 5efe's and a couple 5efhe's and have found these results in all of them.

    Now for pistons, all 4efte's have the same piston, same dish.
    5e's on the other hand have 4 different variations, the usdm 1st gen 5efe has a very slight dome to it, maybe 1/2mm, the DIS or 2nd gen 5efe's have no dish, no dome, they are flat top pistons with valve recesses. the 5efhe pistons have the largest dome at approx 1mm. the "jdm"5efe's have a different dome than these, but I dont remember what exactly they have, so I will update this later with pictures. now for the pictures of the pistons.
    On the left is a 4efte piston, middle is a usdm 1st gen 5efe piston, and on the right is a 5efhe piston, you can clearly see the difference.

    usdm 1st gen 5e piston


    and the 4efte(excuse the gunk on it)

    Also there are 2 different crankshafts that came in the 5e's. In the 5efe's the crankshaft is stamped 3e, as well as in the 3e engine, and the 5efhe crankshaft is stamped 5e, BUT, I recently acquired a "5efe" out of a bone stock 1993 Paseo with an automatic transmission, that had a FULL 5efhe bottom end(5e stamped crank, thick rods, and 5efhe pistons) but the engine was the original engine, and had only been opened up to replace the head gasket. I will investigate this further, but now you know the whole truth. If anyone has any info or pictures they would like to add to this, please do add it. I just want this information to be available to everyone.

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    good write up boss
    yes, we've seen some of it before, but always good to get some new insights as well

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