Goodwood revival

600 Million pounds of machinery on display. Are you going to attend?  Discuss here

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Small is the new Big deal

Everything seems to be getting smaller and smaller. The main feature of any new phone or TV seems to be the reduction in physical size and weight. Along with this is often reduced power consumption or an enhanced “green” version of an old product and cars are no different.

For some items such as electronic gadgets we marvel at how small and energy efficient they have become but for others such as cars smaller is not always synonymous with advancement!

For years many of us in the Starlet community have had to listen to the phrase “there is no replacement for displacement” while we attempt to defend the honor of small forced induction engines. It is great to red articles like the one you will find below but do you think smaller is better?

Be honest, if you could afford to run a larger engine would you? Or are you a die hard fan that feels one of the main attractions of the Starlet is its dinky power plant? Comment on the associate thread here

Diddy Ford outpaces Enzo at the ‘Ring…

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