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    wanted urgently!! a bride or recaro seat rail passenger waiting!!

    I have a bride seat with the rail but its drivers side
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    White Glanza V

    My friend has a real nice one for sale but we are in ireland, he isnt a member on here so i might advertise it on here for him but if you want info pm me
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    Glanza ep91 oem backbox rubber,poly version if there is one

    my work stock that exhaust mount and theyre only £2.50!!!! and ive 2 new ones in my garage i have never used
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    Need a CT9 in decent condition as long as it isnt scrap just to get my car on the road
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    exhaust manifold gasket

    Or for around £3 you can buy a new one from any motor factors, theyre the same as an N/A
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    CT9 mods

    Your message box is full mate - im interested in the manifold pm me when you can
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    Oil Filter Relocator

    ive got a earls oil cooler and filter relocation kit here comes complete with all the hoses which have proper areoquip screw on fittings instead of the push on fittings that come on most kits £300 pm me if interested
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    ep82 Drivers side driveshaft

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    passenger window motor

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    Ep82 passenger rear window

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    wanted standard ecu

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    TOMS New Action Wheels

    where did you get the vision to put these on the trackstar???
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