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    Nice spec 300bhp+ 99 Glanza gauging interest forged standalone ihi turbo etc.

    been wondering about this car,bloody hell you've done a great job with it! mind me asking where you are?lol
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    changing irish licence to a uk one...

    yeah you can swap them alright but send away for a new Irish one and say you lost it it only costs 15euros,that way you will have two licences ;)
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    few bits for sale

    bumty bump
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    few bits for sale

    id take 200 euro collected for the it is fitted.
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    few bits for sale

    bump open to offers
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    few bits for sale

    For sale: atomic front bumber with spots Item Condition: not bad,few stone chips and usual wear and tear Price and price conditions: 250 euros ono Extra Info: looks good Contact Details: pm or 089 214 2729 Location: cavan ireland Delivery & Conditions of Delivery: i wont be...
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    What do you look like ?

    ya F***in huer!!
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    car is spitting a small bit!

    sounds good,could be the valve stem oil seals gone
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    suffolk members

    na i gave up on that ages ago jason!waste of time,lol
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    suffolk members

    or if anyone works for natwest,lol
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    suffolk members

    is there any on here?if so pm me
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    FAO: Spacecraft.....Seriously..!

    hahaha,quality!! :D
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    Genuine Varis Carbon Fibre EP91 Bonnet

    ill give you £3.50
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    rip off

    im living with a relative in feltham middlesex at the minute,its probably classed as a high risk area as its a dump!!under £500 is nothing id happily pay that! anyone recommend insurers?adrian flux wouldnt even quote me,lol
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    rip off

    insurance in the uk is a rip off,im in london and wanted to insure a 1.3 corolla,just and old wreck to get me about,£2000 quinn wanted,haha..and some £3000 and others wouldnt even quote me. you have to laugh i was only paying 700 euro in ireland,im 22 full licence driving since i was...