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    car just got smashed in,just got it back on the road!!

    Disbelief dude, tht is savage!! I hope they throw the book at her, she sounds mentally disturbed. I'd try to get as much time and money as you can from her. Some ppl just don't think before they act.
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    cmbautos sales/services feedback

    Hey CMB, good job on the 5E. Good project management, good fabrication and troubleshooting/problem solving. Very tidy job indeed. I cannot wait to get this lump leaned out, run in, mapped and tested.
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    best cam size for 1.2 bar on k1?

    I bought the EP82 Blitz K1 from Dewbury (or Dewsbury?)!! OMG :eek:! I brought a White Zep kitted, twin headlight, K1 EP82 from the guy at Dewbury (or Dewsbury I can't remember now) around 6 yrs ago! (John-Paul and his family - his dad is involved in importing all sorts, he had a few elgrandes...
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    clearout: zisco td04 kit, 460 injectors, paseo stuff...

    Bit off topic but what sort of ceramic paint did you use for the Mani and downpipe?
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    In your opinion What is the Worst Smell in the World???

    Burnt sheep's hair and arabic cooking during Eid, the Libyans love a bit of cut throat and BBQ action (The food is quite nice when prepared though, and the social is even better)! :) Insane the number of knives that the weld shop sharpens during Eid here! :) Each department gets a live lamb...
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    What Turbo!!

    Blitz K1 all the way (to 1.2 bar)!! I have the kit for sale if you are intrested. With blitz downpipe :)
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    burning of the quran- thoughts?

    Ditto, what a fundamentalist!
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    Fitted my new ep82 fenders

    Nice one, repped! :)
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    building a 5E (stock internals?)

    I'm sure the guys on here have loads more info, but I wldnt try running a bar on stock internals with a regular 5E. But I'm too careful I think. Unless you have the 5EFHE pistons that have a higher stock comp ratio 1 bar would not be advised. Would probably run but have some spares ready just...
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    Fitted my new ep82 fenders

    Good work dude, did you manage to line up all of the bolt holes tht are under the bonnet? Cheers Pete
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    McCoy Motors Lucan Bypass - dont bother

    Same in Aberdeen, the parts are available to all dealers, trouble is dealers can pick and choose what they supply. Some are lazy and do not supply the relevant parts. Some do not know the system well enough to process import orders efficiently. Others are more than happy. I called up toyota...
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    Someone give me 30k.

    Cheers Paull_JJ! :)
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    Someone give me 30k.

    lol! :) :) Thnks 4 the rep gv1.3!
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    Someone give me 30k.

    Kidney's usually go for around 35 to 40K depending on the condition, this is usually based on a short medical with a blood, urine and liver function test (your liver condition can tell you allot about your kidney condition). Ideally you should posess the universal blood type (as I do), however...
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    who works more then 1 job?, need ideas

    Yes, supermarkets, bars, resturants, take aways, hardware stores - B&Q is good for discounts, car washes - ARC are good. Odd jobbing can be good (as you say: IT for your experi. Also mowing, weeding, painting fences, dog walking, house sitting, baby sitting etc...) but you have to do alot of...