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    Resurrecting the MR2

    Do you want to tell him?
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    Resurrecting the MR2

    Yeah I'm the same, I only run my lawn mower on AvGas 105 Premium :D
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    Resurrecting the MR2

    Gawd, the prices of fuel don't encourage me to get anything road worthy if I'm honest :o
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    Engine rebuild 3.8 to 4.1

    Ptsch @Jay Once you've bought 4 of them I'm sure there wouldn't be a lot you wouldn't know about them :p
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    Back from the dead

    Welcome back =)
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    New house :)

    Fireplace looks smart mate :)
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    dodgy member signup messages

    I get that a lot on my forum to be fair...
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    Does EP82 starlet have the same electric window motor as the GT Turbo?

    I would love to retrofit keep fit windows into my Starlet...
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    4efte bogging/stuttering at low rpm

    The insides of the king lead (where it connects to the distributor + ignitor) had oxidised. Yes it would run lumpy at idle and clear up. Although would jolt under high boost high application high load.
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    4efte bogging/stuttering at low rpm

    I had similar misfire issues when the king lead got wet and oxidised. So check the connections on the distributor cap and king leads are free from oxidisation.
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    How install new GPU drivers when no signal to monitor?

    Generally, it will use a universal driver if none or installed. So depending on the settings, I'd expect to see something, albeit not at the best resolution...
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    Car Won’t Star

    I was going to say, does it bump. To rule out starter motor issues....
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    New house :)

    Gawd, how annoying. Looking smart though!
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    has anyone got a pic of the rear of a GT with the bumper removed?

    Lovely colour of a GT that.
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    EP82 TRD Short shifter vs C's Short shifter

    I on the other hand, bought the poverty version, the Hyper Shifter. Which was that little extension onto the gearbox itself. Made a big difference.