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    BIG TURBO... when you getting boost?

    I say you buy my 5E and forge it dude. You know it makes sense ;)
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    ***Latest Forged Engine***Now with PICTURES***

    Things are coming along nicely dude :D can't wait to get the car back. I second that get a dyno
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    List what car you own and have owned and what you paid

    1. 2007 96 starlet glanza £3000 2. 2010 MK 2 golf 1.3 £900 sold £1000 3. 2011 MK3 RS 1800 Fiesta £1800 sold £1700 4. 2013 MK2 XR2 Fiesta £1700
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    Hybrid K26 and Sard/Blitz Wastegate

    For sale: brand new never used k26 hybrid ceramic coated in blue Item Condition: brand new rebuilt by turbo dynamics, I bought this from Kemneychris who bought this from Mark from CMB. But due to buying a new car and the fact its still sat in a box its up for sale. Price and price...
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    Cusco lsd gearbox forsale

    Would you take the diff out and sell separate dude?
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    After glanza optional extras

    I have TRD Leads with no King lead if your interested
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    Wheel Refurb in Aberdeen?

    The Wheel specalist I've heard god things about them
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    Bodyshops in NE Scotland

    Mark at CMB autos has a guy who does some spray work. He done my starlet when someone ran into it and you'd never know it even was in a scratch :)
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    Clear reverse scoop

    You should just give it to me Mark because you love me :)
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    Boobies Inside

    Awww no BOOBIES :( But a really nice V :rockon:
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    Noticed a boxy for sale :-)

    You MUST buy that end of