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    Apexi Avcr (Blck Edition ) + Apexi turbo valve + 3 bar map Sensor all 100% Genuine parts!!

    Apexi boost controller black edition genuine, with all its accessories is very little used and is given along with setup instructions. What you will get The GENUINE 100% Apexi AVCR in black colour (No longer on the market) The genuine APEXI valve (turbo valve) a search on the internet will...
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    wanted 4e/5e forged pistons

    ROSS PISTONS 400 euros delivered by stantard post with tracking number if there is available. Standard siameter 74mm 8.2.1 comp ratio 4000 km Paypall.
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    Toyota Starlet EP70 x2 AWD(427WHP / 3S-GTE) and FWD(599WHP / 4A-GZE)

    These cars are made fron GREEK hands
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    Big spec Glanza for breaking GAUGING INTEREST

    P.m. sent about Meister
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    Competition Clutches

    Hi I am interested in stage 4 and I want to ask how i can order it. Payment will be made via paypall and I want to tell me what the final price of the item including shipping delivery to Greece please. And one last thing the disc withstand horsepower 300 Hp is okay... Thanks Stavros I'm...
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    Competition Clutches

    Hi i'm interesting about stage 4 cluch disk i need to knoe the price including delivery to greece. Also what's is the company fedex,tnt etc How i can place my order to you if i deside to buy... those products Thanks
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    Offer: £100 Off RRP for Zeta-R Coilovers

    HI 1) What's the price in € of the Zeta's delivered to Greece including discount 2) Also tell me about zeta & panhard rod final price includind delivery to greece. 3) Tell me ig i deside both parts how i can place my order... 4) What's the way of delivery tnt,fedex,etc Thanks
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    Requested differential 1,5 way

    Hi Requested differential 1,5 way on the market in good condition and reasonably priced I have no preference as to brand the differential care to be in good condition and working properly CONTACT: via pm or at Τhanks Stavros
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    civic radiator

    Hi i found that I think is good.I'm planning to use that with my new turbo setup (tdo4l) and i need more space in my engine. The seller tells that is dual core i think is right...