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  • If i had some monies in my account for another car i would DEFO get a Integra type R DC2 or DC5 for sure in white mmmm sex on 4 wheels oh yes!
    im not sorry, he was a C***, his loss lol
    okies will do a bebo thing tonight hun
    dotn get a Z4 there well errrm not a Manly car lol lol personally i would get a 200sx / mugen type R civic (mmmm) or a RX7 hun OR a glanza v lol lol kidding
    i was going to turkey BUT i split with the bloke so no holiday for me for yet another year, but i dont minde i got the car to spend my doller on lol lol

    i went to Zantie a few years bk was well good got SO drunk on the firt night lol lol

    x x
    AWRRR poor lill GT bless it gon to the garage in the sky..!
    my next car is going to be a DC2 honda Integra :) oh yes.. wont be for a while though as keeping mine and saving pannies for the massive ins bill lol
    What kinda thing you liking at the moment then a hot hatch still or some thing else?
    ooow holiday for you ay, ok for some!! :D
    x x
    Oh no... can starbo not be fixed?? bless it looks so bad. my god i hope that NEVER happends to my baby little star...!!!! bless ya hun
    you getitng a new car??
    hows you now?
    if i didnt get her back i think i would cry....!
    Why are you not getitng yours back hun...?
    HELL NO they freek me out good and propper i scream like a little girl if i see one!! lol lol

    i had a "few" issues with her hun aka i drove her into the grownedm but i have lurnt my lesson "the hard way" 3 months later and she is all ready for the uk roads once more, cant wait to get her tax'ed this weekend and take her out for a drive... iv missed her soo much hun it's untrue :( *how sad is that* :(

    x x
    Yer go ME... hehe
    I MUST admit i do liek college, just at the moment i dont have the monies as it's all going on the GLanza.. :D
    Only 1 thing stopping me from going to Oz and thats the Spiders man if i even see a big one there i wuld be right bk on that plain home!! *nasty* lol

    Yer hun i love the glanza she is my baby, cannot wait to get her bk on the road this weekend, it's sooo exciting :D hehe
    well im just the boss of this department hun, lol im not skiving... *sush they might here you* lol lol
    Oh wow cool job, i want to be a interior designer but i cant be arsed to go bk to college "again" lol prob will next year or some thing...
    im currently trained in 3D design, Beauty therapy, cant be arsed to learn MORE just yet lol

    OMG id soo love to go to Oz one day... :D

    yer pay the bills and put the car bk on the road (more importantly) lol
    Me, i work for a AV & IT Rental company in the Operations and Design room
    i run the show and design stuff lol
    weekend will mostly be playing with my car yay
    and you??
    Awrrr thankies :D
    Yer im bored at work toooo, its soo poo :( (but least i still got my job) witch is good i guess lol
    every one needs a good poking now and then ay lol lol
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