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  • Hi Dan,
    I was impressed by your 3sgte swap....I recently bought a Ep82 for my self and planning to do a 3sgte swap.
    i wanteed to ask if you have tried converting your starlet in to 4wd with the 3sgte?
    Secondly how is the performance with the FWD, how are you controlling the wheel spin?
    hi dan....
    i'm swapping my 4efte engine but i'm having a problem with my master cyclinder.... its too long... can you tell me which master cyclinder did you use..
    Thanks Dan. Appreciate it mate, added you on Facebook also "Matt Bridgett" Im liking the fact your forging! I spied the pistons adn rods in the pics! Keep me posted, looking like a fantastic project! :)
    I can totally understand. Ive done some reasearch now, answered alot of my own questions!

    I just have 2 small questions...

    3sgte is a big engine in terms of height...
    The sump is low on your setup... Is there room for the engine to come up? To allow a bit more clearance...

    Can you get full lock, it looks tight with the gearbox clearance... If so what size wheel and tyre :)

    If you really cant get round to replying no problem matey, but if you could reply to them, even if its a yes or no!
    That would be epic and big respect! Thanks.... Matt.

    Thanks mate!
    Hello sir, quick question: besides upgrading the clutch, what other transmission changes are required to run a 3SGTE engine in an EP82? I'm very interested in beginning a project like this in my Starlet. Thanks for your time.

    Hi I liked your project a lot. I am also thinking to do a 3sgte conversion. Would be able to give me dtails of the garage you used for mounting the engine and connecting the driveshafts. And if also if you know someone who is good with the wiring.

    Thank you.

    ill take the seat mate do you have a phone number i can call you on tomorrow unless you want the paypal tonight ? mine is 07826927203
    cheers devon
    hey i heard you know a bit about the 3sgte motor i was wondering if you could help me with a problem im having. thanks
    hey how can i view the thread on your build
    also i wana disscuss the 3sgte swap as i have now sold my enging and bought a celica half cut
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