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  • adam, not sure on sizes im afraid dude i got it off ebay a who;le back from a company near you in oxford the called rrspec mate, we used the bench grinder down my mates garage dude

    Alright mate, what size is the oil sandwitch plate needed for the oil filter housing? How much did you have to grind off? Did you use a dremel to shave some off?
    Hello mate how things have you still got that MK1 GT front bumper for sale as i want it lol but just spent £1700 on a forged 4E and cusco lsd box so could you hold it for me till the 26th as it's pay and i only work in crawley so not far from you
    let me no dan

    many thanks
    Yo. Yeah but he is a tart with his car lol. No burnout for him. You going down this Thursday. Pop over and say hello. What gt have you got. Are you with the guy with the mk1 fiesta.
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