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    Wanted 16valve efi pipe for ep82

    As above I'm lookin for one of these pipes in the picture below As clean as possible once nothing is broke or glued back together im happy enough as iv bought 4 of them now and each of them was broken where the bov is mounted I will pay good money for a m1nt one if anyone has one Thanks lads
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    What's this noise

    Tirbo is fine I thinkbits just loose hoses due to pressure so I'll buy all new clips from toyota and get a new gasket from Toyota for the hot pipe as there knowin to crack
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    What's this noise

    Fuck hope it's not the turbo man I only bought it a while ago and havnt even done 500km on it yet
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    What's this noise

    Drivin the car today with Anto from toc and noticed this noise on the car Pipes look ok on vacuum pipes and im gettin full boost and still pulls hard but this noise has my head wrecked
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    A mates Corolla

    It's a crackin Corolla Iv seen it in jap performance it got a great write up and seen it on toc What ever happened it does he still have it or do anything with it man
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    zisco intake manifold

    Can't go wrong with zisco man bough stuff in the past and it's always 100% bang on
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    Engine temperature

    Seems strange Anto do you have a fmic on the car and when goin fast is cools down a lot maybe but under quater the way seems too far Maybe a thermostats or somethin man
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    Happy Birthday to TGTT

    Happy birthday tgtt and congrats to jay for doing a great job on keepin this site alive
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    Newbie from Southampton

    Welcome along mate good to have another member on board
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    Starlet Meetup - Sri Lanka

    Have you a link for the site fez .. I'm not on Facebook but can't find the site on Google
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    Starlet Meetup - Sri Lanka

    Lucky you fez looks like a great day .. I might join that club or is it only on facebook
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    Starlet Meetup - Sri Lanka

    That is a crazy amount of starlets Wish we had that kind of weather to do it Looks like a very happy day
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    Starlet Meetup - Sri Lanka

    Saying for me the link can't be found
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    Reputation credits

    That clears that I always wondered what it was ha Looks like I'm a bad guy I must start building my greatness up ha Thanks for the help lads
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    Starlet Meetup - Sri Lanka

    I'm not on Facebook can anyone throw up few pics please