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  • Hi dave, does the td04 water and oil lines come as a straight fit or do I have to buy adapters for the oil line to attach to the turbo.


    Hi there Dave, What can you do the rear anti-roll bar and the adj. panard rod posted to Merseyside for, Many thanks
    well dave. Just wondering do u have glanza indiglo dials. i can oly find gt ones on your website.

    thanks for the parts came today . there the abs c.v joints so might have to send them back? goin to see do they fit tomoro keep you up daed thanks
    the paddle exedy on your site for 295. that the one we spoke about holding upto 350 brake? was about to order and thought i best check quickly. i txt you about it and the reply was 350 easy.
    hi dave i have a 98 glanza v and there is a persistent noise which i think has something to do with the diff.. it happens above 80kmh but wen i increase speed the noise has the same rythym even at 160kmh.. if u cud help me i wud appreciate it i only have it 2 weeks!
    Hi Dave,

    My BC's arrived this morning. Thanks very much for getting these for me and at a great price, I researched a fair few place and contacted BC & Apex. Your price came out on top and your service over the phone and in general has been brilliant. Anyone else in search for BC's should come to you. I'm a very happy man. I will be fitting them as soon as I am done with work today. Do you have any recommendations as to who could give me a full geometric (or similar) set up in or around the local area (as I know your not far from me)? Also how do rep points work? Can I give you rep points or some type of recognised customer satisfaction rating? How would I go about this?

    Many thanks,

    wel dave. have u got them indigo dials?? if u do, how much + delivery to Ireland?? sound buddy
    Hi Dave,

    thanks for offering to help me! apparently they need to know the inlet and exhaust valve clearance?

    hope this makes sense to you!

    many thanks

    hi dave,im after a set of ur braided brake lines,il pick them up when evers good for you,i also sent u a text mate, thanks
    Hi dave, sorry I can't pm on my blackberry, could you do mea price, on a tdo4l manifold, external wastegate and screamer pipe? I won't need the down pipe if I go for a front exit exhaust will I? Could you please email it to me? At whiteyjamie1989@aol.com
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