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    ###Used parts for sale###

    Bride bucket seat with Zep low position EP82 seat rail, drivers side Wear to drivers side bolster £200, prefer collection -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sparco Evo bucket seat with EP82 bride seat rail, pass side Wear to both...
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    Hi They are straight fit

    Hi They are straight fit
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    ***Mild Steel and Stainless Steel TD04/TD05 manifolds or complete kits***

    Mild Steel and Stainless Steel TD04/TD05 manifolds or complete kits We have available both of these as either just manifolds/downpipes or full kits Mild steel Manifold downpipe and screamer £450.00 Stainless Steel Manifold, downpipe and screamer £650.00 Either can be supplied...
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    ***Clearance Parts***

    Last one left Livesports Genuine EP91 Front Bumper (2) Normally £950.00 Sale Price £375.00 collection preferred
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    what sensor is this????

    Knock sensor
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    Have a look here
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    advice... boost too high

    Try adjusting the actuator first
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    New from ayrshire

    Welcome to the site :)
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    Thanks for the feedback guys :)
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    help please fast intercooler (blitz)

    Should be like this
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    which HT leads for my ep82?

    Only one set of TRD leads left and now discontinued
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    No problem mate

    No problem mate
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    which fault code is this?

    14,31,34 fault codes